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Strix 3090 power draw and fan issues

Hi,I just got a Strix 3090 and i am having some problems with the 0db fan function.I would like to mention that my card came with the latest version of the Vbios since when i want to update it, it says that my card already has the latest Vbios on it....


Guys I'm going insane here, can someone please help me to figure this out.Just got Asus Maximus Extreme XIII and 10900k and Bios not detecting any of my Samsung 970 Pro or 980 Pro drives. I know that the M.2_1 is disabled for 10th GEN CPU, but sho...

ASUS ROG THOR 850-P Questions

I am planning to make an upgrade of my PSU. Asus Thor 850P is my candidate because one, All of my component are asus brand only RAM and PSU are not. 2nd,That OLED display is so nice! My problem is, can i plug CPU, VGA and PCI-E in any slot? i'm kinda...