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Strix x570-i stopped working and will not post

I just did a new build on a Strix x570-i and everything went well on first startup and first day. Windows 10 installed without issue, recognized 32 GB RAM and both M.2 SSDs - the system worked great (all drivers installed, I did not update BIOS). T...

mz7nmk by Level 7
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Armory crate not working

Armory crate just does not want to work, and crashes almost always (just hangs actually), and if it somehow manages to launch, it does not show my Strix B550-F motherboard. Tried everything in past few days i could find on internet, cleaned and reins...

Upgrade ? or not

Hi allI have a Asus Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard with a 5900X cpu , 32gig Ram and a Asus TUF 4090 graphics card.Now i play a lot of VR games on my system and upload them to youtube.Would it be worth upgrading to the latest X670E boards with a 7950...

Resolved! Z690 Plus WIFI D4 and 128gb Ram

*EDIT*Good afternoon. I hope Im posting this in the right place. I need a bit of help and suggestions.TUF Gaming z690 plus wifi D4128GB of Gskill ripjaw ram(4x32 sticks)i9 12900kIve been having an issue. About once a month or so(gaming, music recordi...

GPU error on post

Hi,Finished build of new pc this weekend but can't get motherboard to recognize GPU.The setup:Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-I GAMING WIFICPU: i5-12500GPU: ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3060 V2 OC Edition, connected via riserPSU: ASUS ROG Loki SFX-L 750 WT...

Oz by Level 7
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Resolved! Asus ryujin ii 360 changing fans

I recently purchased the ryujin ii 360 and wanted to know if I can change the fans to lian li sl120 v2 fans? Would I just connect the pump to the included controller and then the lian li fans to the lian li controller? 

Taim by Level 7
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ROG Strix B650e-e wi fi help

Hi all, I build a new AMD5 setup, this is my first AMD setup and I am having issues with this, since day 1 when I put all parts together I have installed the memory modules in the DIM A1 and B1, when I turned the PC on the motherboard displayed code...

ROG Crosshair x670E memory controller

Looks like the "invisible post" issue has been fixed. Thanks admin.My issue is with the memory controller.I am wondering if anyone here has been able to run 4 sticks (128 GB) at speeds faster than 4800 MHz.If you have been successful, please let us k...

sgunes by Level 8
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