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ASUS ROG THOR 850-P Questions

I am planning to make an upgrade of my PSU. Asus Thor 850P is my candidate because one, All of my component are asus brand only RAM and PSU are not. 2nd,That OLED display is so nice! My problem is, can i plug CPU, VGA and PCI-E in any slot? i'm kinda...

Aura sync question

Guys!!Can anyone with personal experience (Not speculations or what you might have heard) can you please confirm if the new Asus boards with "Aura Sync" ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme is just an example, I'm referring to all Asus RGB boards, can you c...

M.2 Gen 4 problems

Hi Guys,I am having an issue with my MB and a M.2 Gen4 M.2.First my hardware list:MB: ROG STRIX B550-XE GAMING WiFi (BIOS 1805)GPU: AMD Radion RX 5700 XTCPU: Ryzen 9 3900XSSD: 2 x M.2 Gen3 Sabrent Rocket Q SCSi Disks 1TBSSD: ScanDisk Ultra 2 960GigHD...