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SSD RAID 0 Help on z690 Formula

I have 3 SSD Drives. SSD 1 is my boot drive and has Windows 11 installed. SSD 2 & 3 are identical and I'd like to have them in RAID 0. The instructions from Asus say to set the option Advanced=>PCH Storage Configuration=>SATA Mode Selection, but I do...

ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming WiFi and Memory Latency

Hey there!I tried to get some DDR5 DIMM and couldn't. Finally I broke down and bought some on ebay (new, sealed). I have G.Skill Trident Z5 - 6000, CL36-36-36-76 1.3v. Later, I was selected for the NewEgg shuffle, and bought another 32GB with the R...

ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming and Cooling Options

Hey there!I was going to start building my machine today, but the very first thing I opened after the Mobo itself was the LGA1700 adapter from Noctuna. There it wanted me to go to the a very helpful site that I never saw before...https://ncc.noctua....

Can't get video drivers installed on z690 Formula

I've got a z690 Formula and a Tuf 3080 ti.I've installed the latest bios (0811) and tried to install the drivers listed.However, when I install the Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator Driver (Listed as VGA Drivers by Asus), I get:No driver was found tha...

Running out of patience and thermaL paste

I have a really odd problem with my Rampage VI Extreme with disappearing memory slots. Both DIMM slots A and B channel work perfectly but C and D can disappear and not work, at tthe moment C2 and D1 are working, but if I re-seat the processor this ca...

13oots2 by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Nightmares..

Bought the MB for myself as a Christmas present...and am hating life right now. Can't get Windows 10 installed. I get up to the point of having to add account info and it reboots. Goes right back to the add location/keyboard section. If I let it sit ...

FGWAC by Level 7
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RTX 3090 O24G White Edition Output Issue

Hello there,i own an Asus RTX 3090 O24G White Edition and discovered today that i can only use 3 monitors, when i connect the 4. he will stay black or one of the other 3 will turn black and the new one will work. Does anyone know how to fix this? I s...

Streat by Level 7
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Z690 Hero Error code 50

Hi,I recently built my new pc with the Hero motherboard and a 12900K. The system has been running fine for a few days. I downloaded the most recent bios from the website and followed the instructions for updating it via the flashback function. The bi...

USB 3.0 Speed is too slow on Hero X M/B ?

Hi all,I have a problem with the speed of my USB 3.0on my Asus Hero_X M/B.Running both Windows 10 & 11I am only getting transfer rates of about 38 MB/s at it's fastest.The same USB stick used on my ROG Laptop gets speeds of 138 MB/sMy System is: Inte...