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Asus Dark Hero pump speed

I'm going to buy a new rig with the Asus Dark Hero and an EK D5 pump. In BIOS what are the options to set pump speed, I know control can be either disabled leaving the pump at 100%, but the pump is 4.8K rpm so would be very noisy. Also a speed curve ...

arconz by Level 7
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Z490-E network drop outs

I think this has been reported a few times but I am still getting this.Running a Asus Z490-E gaming with Intel I225-V drivers .The network drops for 2-10 seconds. My devices connected to the wifi are unaffected so I strongly believe it's not ...

PC Cooling: Need Liquid Pump Advice

Hello, i want to build liquid PC cooling with flexible pipes and can't decide if 300L DDC-3000rpm pump is enough or need more, please see this example photo.Thank you for any advice.P.s. i not understand why my avatar was removed, if there is some pr...

Arkader by Level 9
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Muh ASUS G30AB Desktop PC...

https://photos.app.goo.gl/rzR1a9DeSeS1QgYS6..still kicking and breathing even after eight years? I purchased it in 2013 around Christmas time. I wonder what kind of machine ASUS techies built... this potato would not die! :rolleyes: I purchased Z370 ...

7 HDD issue

Hello;i Have installed 5 hard drive on my pc but latests 2 Hard drive cant be seen on my bios or anywhere i have installed 1 m2 4 hdd installed on my sata but latests 2 hard drive isnt recognized. when i take of working one and install the new one i ...


My pc has started to reboot, crash. I have reinstalled windows with no luck. When running Aida64 stability test i get hardware failure on the Cache, i did also try to change the ram but no luck. So can it be the cpu that starting to fail? I have had ...

RolBer by Level 7
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Features for next RoG laptops

Dedicated button for touchpad. If it is blue, it is active and if you press it again, it will become orange which means it is not activated Hover/slide your finger to right to make the volume louder, hover/slide your finger to left to make sound weak...