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B550-F motherboard - compatible DRAM ?

Using these components, I can't get the Asus motherboard to boot up to the bios.I suspect it may be that the DRAM is incompatible ?On power up The Q-leds will cycle - first on is the DRAM, then CPU, and then stops with both the VGA and BOOT led on. N...

HikerLT by Level 7
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Best available DDR5 for ROG STRIX Z690-E . (2X16)

I see that I posted my request for DDR5 ram advice in the wrong place.Question: What DDR5 ram is recommended for the ROG STRIX Z690-E . (2X16) Price is not a concern And, who has the ram in stock, where to buy them? After a challenging time...

kking by Level 7
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ROG Strix X570-E PCI-E lanes

Hi,I built my computer last year with 2 NVME drives and a GTX 1080 Ti ( from my old PC ). I'm using 5900X as CPU.After that recently I added a PCI-E x4 U.2-> PCI-E adapter with an Intel U.2 attached and another M.2->PCI-E adapter with a M.2 installed...

Plato by Level 8
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Z690-F When i install drivers it disables my ethernet

Ive just got a new PC all is working fine apart from the LAN/Ethernet does not work.The port is flashing lights when i have no LAN driver installed.However when i install LAN drivers the port then blacks out and says "no cable connected"The only way ...

newo555 by Level 7
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Z690 keyboard and mouse problem

Hi Rog forum let me introduce myself my name is Michael I just joined this forum because I am desperate, I just bought a z690 f gaming and already from the installation of Windows I had connection problems with mouse and keyboard, in a nutshell I los...

Z690-F by Level 7
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Hero Z690 Bios 1003 issues

Hi guys I am running a 12900K with a Strix 3090 OC on an ASUS hero Z690 boardI’ve fitted G-Skill 6000mhz DDr5 - only 32 GB over two sticksI seem to have an issue when I install the 1003 bios, the whole pc slows down to a crawl and my GPU runs line a ...

PCIe problem R6E

Am having problems with my LSI RAID card, most times I play a game and use my graphics card at 16x the RAID card disconnects and I lose all the drives connected until next reboot.I have 2 PCIe slots populated by NVME adapters and the 3rd slot which i...

13oots2 by Level 7
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