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Z690-F When i install drivers it disables my ethernet

Ive just got a new PC all is working fine apart from the LAN/Ethernet does not work.The port is flashing lights when i have no LAN driver installed.However when i install LAN drivers the port then blacks out and says "no cable connected"The only way ...

newo555 by Level 7
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Z690 keyboard and mouse problem

Hi Rog forum let me introduce myself my name is Michael I just joined this forum because I am desperate, I just bought a z690 f gaming and already from the installation of Windows I had connection problems with mouse and keyboard, in a nutshell I los...

Z690-F by Level 7
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Hero Z690 Bios 1003 issues

Hi guys I am running a 12900K with a Strix 3090 OC on an ASUS hero Z690 boardI’ve fitted G-Skill 6000mhz DDr5 - only 32 GB over two sticksI seem to have an issue when I install the 1003 bios, the whole pc slows down to a crawl and my GPU runs line a ...

PCIe problem R6E

Am having problems with my LSI RAID card, most times I play a game and use my graphics card at 16x the RAID card disconnects and I lose all the drives connected until next reboot.I have 2 PCIe slots populated by NVME adapters and the 3rd slot which i...

13oots2 by Level 7
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Hi all. so i have just installed this new mobo with all the drives and software etc but i did notice that with the onboard sound Supreme FX there is no software to control this like graphic equaliser etc. I have tried to install Sonic Studio 3 but it...

Asus laat consumenten betalen voor fabrieksfouten

ASUS laat consumenten betalen voor fabrieksfouten!NIETS MEER KOPEN BIJ/VAN ASUSNa dat ik een asus zephyrus duo gx551qr had gekocht merkte ik al snel dat er iets niet klopte. Ik behaalde niet de beloofde cpu snelheid. Ook werd de laptop erg warm bij ...

Wizkitt by Level 7
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Z690 Apex - can't enter BIOS using DEL or F2

Hi folks,I recently bought an ASUS Z690 Apex with an i9 12900K. My problem is, I can't enter the BIOS. When I installed the CPU I was in there once by pressing F2. But now my keyboard, connected to USB, does not have any power before Windows is loade...

LIFE_ by Level 7
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Need some help on a vivobook 17 M712

Hey guys, I just recently upgraded my laptop with a backlit keyboard. it DID NOT come with one originally.got it installed without any issues but cannot get it to turn on, I have tried updating the BIOS, the was no ATK package installed but instead h...