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new build almost done.....hopefully

I'm back again.specslevel 10gtAsus Maximus iv extreme-zi5 2500kTT spinq vtAsus gtx 570 dciig skill ripjaws 8g 16002 64g samsung 8301 500g seagate barracudaLG super multi blue (bh12)Its all together and all hooked up..except my ssd's hhd and blu ray.....

Frycook by Level 7
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First time building a PC, Parts on the way!

First of all sorry for my english, i´ll try my best.Well, this will be my first time building a pc, im not 100% noob but i accept i need some help, overall with overclocking and cooling. I´ve already order everything i need, well, i hope so, Here is ...

ROG or Sabertooth

i know this is a ROG forum but im really wondering if i would benefit from a ROG. im not a overclocker but do enjoy a few games in eye candy mode (All features on). im a saver multitasker and multimedia encoding buff. so im wondering if the Sabert...

r4e, building. long time since last build.

So im connecting the PSU now, the big one was a no brainer, but then there are these 2 4pin that can be put together for a 8pin, and another non dissasembleable 8pin, that i assume go into the top of the mb. Do i use these or whats the deal?.

rhozac by Level 9
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Ordered so far...

i7 3960x, Rampage IV Extreme, OCZ RVD3X2 240GB, 3x 3GB GTX580, 1500w Silverstone from previous system. Looking at ram I'm leaning toward 64GB of corsair. Been using them for awhile and haven't had any problems. Any better suggestions? Is 64GB worth t...

Striker Extreme maximum memory size

What is the maximum amount of non-ECC DDR2 SDRAM that can be successfully run in the four DIMM slots. There are larger sticks available now than when the Striker Extreme mobo was manufactured. For instance: Crucial CT2KIT51264AA667 4GB 667MHz (PC2 ...

slindee by Level 7
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Just want a critique for my first build

As my title says, just want some feedback on my upcomming first build, coming spring break! Its guna be for gaming and just normal use. budget: ~$1400 and depending on how far prices drop (if they do) or if I feel like dishing out more $$ I might get...

bwskillz by Level 7
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my new gaming rig advice :)

Hello guys, I recently joined this page and I saw forum... I see many experts are here so if you can give an advice what to buy next Okay , atm I have dual core amd and random gigabyte mb.I'm buying new processor and MB. I was thinking about i5 2500k...

herrtiN by Level 7
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Water cooling CPU and GPU's

This is going to be my 4th and probably last build so I'm going all out. I'll be going with one of the new Intel 6 core LGA-2011 CPU's and my thought was a pair of GTX-580 Aquas in SLI and probably the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme/BF3 mobo. Should I run...

Case advice

ok well im nearly done with my AMD build and im looking at getting a all out intel build soon but i want to liquid cool it so i can clock a little higher and get a little bit more out of it when i need to.i was wondering what case will be best for a ...