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Case advice

ok well im nearly done with my AMD build and im looking at getting a all out intel build soon but i want to liquid cool it so i can clock a little higher and get a little bit more out of it when i need to.i was wondering what case will be best for a ...

Just ordered this!! Opinions welcome.

So the Gene-Z came back in stock at newegg so I finally pulled the trigger on my first build. Tell me what you think!i5 2500kMaximus IV Gene-Z/Gen 38 GB Corsair Vengence 1600 DDR3 RAMEVGA GTX 560Ti 448 Cores Classified UltraCorsair AX850Cooler Master...

New build..Parts on the way!

This is my new build..Also my first. I am 100% noob in building. I have bought a few gaming rigs and wanted to try my own.I have already ordered this and it is on its way. Let me know what i did wrong and what i need to change please.Level 10 gtI5...

Frycook by Level 7
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EVGA SR-2 or Rampage IV Extreme

I have the urge to build a new computer but cannot decide which way to go. I am a novice but have done some reading. I would like something cutting edge that will hold it's own for a few years to come. I'm trying to decide between the EVGA SR-2 and t...

Quick questions on my build

I have a few ideas on my budget gaming rig and I would like to run my ideas over with some people that are not noobs like me. lol M5A99XEVO AMD FX6100 ANTEC 620w psu CORSAIR VENGENCE 8gb ram My question to you guys and gals is this a good setup, an...

edub404 by Level 7
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Maximus Gene-Z soldout on Newegg

Is there another realiably fast online store I can pick it up from? Amazon says it'll take two to three weeks to ship (too long!!) from, and I'm a little wary blindly buying from else where.If not I REALLY hope Newegg restocks them soon. I'm actually...

3d panoramic monitors

i am in the process of building a new computer and i have almost everything but i am having a problem trying to find the monitors i want. this is what i have.2x 120gb ssd's 2x 1TB sata hdd's16GB Quad Channel G.Skill DDR3-1866 Palit GF GTX 590 PCI-E 2...

Moeyyz by Level 7
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Build Q about audio and multi-monitor set ups

Howdy y'all.The last time I built a PC bluray wasn't on the scene so life was a little less complicated, and googling only seems to find articles that are 2 years old...Now first off, HDMI over DVI... to date all the HDMI setups I've seen on PC have ...

Myranda by Level 7
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push and pull fans for a corsair h50

hi all ..i am wondering if anyone would like to share and give some advice i llive in the united kingdom and i am looking at upgrading the corsair h50 fans ... i have been looking at the akasa fn059 viper fans.. from overclockers.co.uk.. i am wonder...

Cooling help please...

Hi guys, I have been visiting these boards for a few months off and on as well as other sites, a bunch of good info. Thanks for the help in advance.I have been compiling parts for the past few months. I ran into a bit of a problem once I decided to g...