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motherboard and cpu ok now what?

ok guys ..just came my Rampage 4 extreme and my intel core i7 3960X and now i want to find the BEST RAMs to put in im thinking about corsair dominator ...i want 64GB of ram but also good ram speed like 2400Mhz..can you help me?

Graphics card choise

Hey guysI would like to know your opinion about my choise of graphics cards,Today i've seen the new brutal GTX680 which is for quite a fair price. But is it really worth it?My choises are: MSI radeon R6970 Lightning 2gbAsus eah6970 2gbnvidia gtx 680 ...

memory compatability problem...

Hi guys! need sum help... I put together a maximus extreme Z with 2600Kand i have 2x2 C7 1600 1.35 G Skill... while this set works beautifully... its not enough memory... What to do? I want sum good memory for this set up... Ive heard cas is more imp...

Ziablo by Level 7
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Immediate CPU Temp Failure on New Build

Hi,I've completed a new build but am having some problems during boot. Within 10 to 30 seconds of switching on the machine I get a warning message in screen stating that the CPU is overheated and the system turns itself off. I understand why it switc...

Lawro by Level 7
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Suggestion on upgrade

hi friends,Well I am planning to upgrade my pc cant decide between the two AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz. , keeping in mind the cost factor which is more or less equal or 8 $ more for fx4100 in india an...

shhbz by Level 7
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Eyefiniy issues

i am trying to set up eyefinity on a xfx amd 6870. it will only let me use 2 out of 3 monitors, any 2 of them. was wondering what i need to do to use them all. please help !!!

Chevy21 by Level 7
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Upgrade or new

Hey alljust wondering if i should buy a whole new load of parts or just upgrade with video card. Currently running :Asus p6xi7 - 930 @4.25970 @ 8256 gig 1600 ramWant more fps. Get new 7970,more ram or upgrade the whole lot?All suggestions appreciate...

Need Help to build PC for Local Brute force

Hello All All i need a Computer with 4x6990 Cards. what i want to KnowMotherboard that can support 4 6990 Cards Power Supply that support this all.i want to put this System Open so No case. i am planning to build a Wood Case for this.Cooling supply e...

GraaaN by Level 7
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Cooler For Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3

Hi there,I'm looking for an air cooler that will fit on my Gene-Z board. I'm finding a lot of conflicting info regarding what will fit. Hopefully some fellow owners can help me out. I'm looking for one that will not block the RAM slots(I use all 4...

My New PC Gamer 2012

My New PC 2012 Componets Case Thermaltake V4 Black edition Motherboard Maximus IV Gene Z Graphic MSI Cyclon GTX550 TiiCooler CPU Coolmaster Hyper EVo 212 Keyboard Ttsport Changeller Memory Patri...

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