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no boot up ='(

im beggin for help from anyone who can give me a guide of how to setup my rig, cuz im curious as to why my rig aint booting up. i find it very strange indeed ='( .. my specs are belowAsus Crosshaird V formulaAMD FX8120 3.1GhzAsus Nvidia GTX560Corsair...

3 way SLI + dedicated PhysX card questions

While working on my project (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?11974-BlackBeauty-to-be-born-beginnings&country=&status=) I start playing with an idea...I have 3 EVGA GTX 480s to be installed in SLI. Then, I also have an Asus ENGTX560 Ti DCII T...

Zka17 by Level 16
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Some help here

Hi there, i am from Croatia, and few days ago is started Asus Balkan game on facebook.Build up a PC with Asus: MBO, GPU, Optical drive, and Asus display,here is a link : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.413357582021323.101398.121595587864192...

Zak75 by Level 7
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Doubts about changing screen asus G73 JW

Hellofirst of all I want to apologize for my englishI have an asus G73JW with full hd screenat the time I bought this PC, I bought it because of its shape and its size, since there was already a 3d look, but only had 15 inches, so I opted for this on...

SSD Drive Question

Im looking to upgade my 3 hard drives running in raid to 1 120 Gb SSD drive is there any thing I should know about SSD drives before I make the buy?any thing need to be done with windows to install and driver installs and so on?also speeds of drives ...

Ram advice

I am looking to upgrade myram for more speed ideally. I would like to have 8-16 gb total. Currently my system is running rive with intel 3930k. I would like a quad channel kit but it's not a necessity. What I the best brand and such to go with? ...

My first build ever........soon...

Howdy folks! Just joined Rog today! I figure I might as well since I come to these forums a bit for info on specific components. I am excited for the opportunity to finally build my first PC in about a month or two. I have done a ton of research ...