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Help needed for build

Ok after some thought and decision, I've decided not to bankrupt myself and go all out, instead build a mid-touching high build for now. CPU: i7 2600k/ i7 2700k/ i7 3770kGPU: http://www.dabs.com/products/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-670-980mhz-2gb-pci-expres...

SoRWaR96 by Level 7
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Building A New Desktop For Gaming And Document

Hi I would like to build A Desktop..... Just want to ask you opinion is this Ok Or not...AMD Processor FX 8150AMD Motherboard Crosshair V8 GB Ram Corsair VengeanceCooler Master Haf XPower Supply Corsair 850WThe Item That I will Use back IsDVD-ROMHARD...

Is My First Build List of Parts Ok

Hi everybody,, I've just bought one of these great boards and all other parts for my first build ever.. Can anyone see any problems with what I've got.. Thanks heaps for any advice, hints and don't do's..Asus Maximus V GeneIntel i5 3570kCorsair Venge...

Nackers by Level 15
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new build probs

Hi, I am very new to this!I've put together, a build with3770 3.5 Gz ivy bridge Maximus iv extreme- z boardGTx 550 ti graphics card800w psu16gb ddr3 ram (ripjaws)connected monitor to graphics cardturned it on for the first time, nothing is coming up ...

parvs88 by Level 7
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My Toshiba A20 died so getting a G75vw-DS72.

Yuppers, the ASUS should be here soon. I am thinking/getting malware bytes & norton 360 & what photo editing ?I am new (65 yrs old) to typing & what it all does. Had a A20 for a year. Soooooo, go my friends:> Party!!!!!!!Where do I go to live face to...

New build: Rampage IV, Intel 3930, err code 66

Can anyone tell me what error code 66 really means? Build is Rampage IV, I7-3930. Bios reads dvd drive but will not download Win 7 64 bit to internal drive, no display of any Win 7 on monitor. Any suggestion(s) is/are greatly appreciated. Thanks, -...

TRooper in pink, need help with advice..

I have a Trooper that is going to get a pink up job, thats no prob, but..The rubberized coating on the top/front, what is the best thing do, lap it?, so i get down to actual plastic underneath.. Or are they any shortcuts in this process?Please help.....

Retired by Not applicable
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Rampage III Gene X58 and ASUS GTX680-DC2T-2GD5

First off huge Asus fan. First time poster thanks for having me.Heres my situation I hope you guys can help me make the choice cause I am tired of trying to figure this out.I build a new machine probably every 5-7 years depending. Last year I won thr...

Hope by Level 7
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Thinking of going crossfire with AMD Radeon™ HD 7970

Hello all how good are the AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 and if i go go crossfire with them what specs would i get or would it be better 3 way sli ? also im having some problems with my gskill mem unknown issue as they did work but now its only saying 8gig not...

Dark by Level 9
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audio not working on maximus iv

new build, but no audio. I enabled audio in bios, still not working. No beeps on boot up and no sound when connected to tv using hdmi ? also donwloaded drivers for 32 bit windows vista:mad:

rhino by Level 7
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