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ROG STRIX II GL704GM Laptop Fans

Hi, I can't find either the GPU or CPU fans for GL704GM anywhere in the UK or even on aliexpress, mine are completely shattered and the bearings are GONE and I really need them ASAP. Everywhere I look the CPU one is discontinued and there's nothing o...

Yesfir by Level 7
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Strix Vega64 Overheating due to fans not starting

Hey,I have this weird issue with my Vega64, where sometimes when I launch a game, the GPU wont enter 3D more properly and will actually overheat and crash the system because the fans stay off. I have no Idea what causes the issue of fans not starting...

Waza88 by Level 7
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Water Block advice requested

To whom it may concern,I have a https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/Workstation/Pro-WS-WRX80E-SAGE-SE-WIFI/motherboard with a threadripper pro CPUcould you please advise me on what type of water block would be good for this cpu?...

Need RAM advice for Dark Hero - 5900X build

I need some advice for what RAM to buy.The Board will be Dark Hero, chip will be AMD 5900X, Strix 3080 OC, WD Black SN850, EVGA 1000 Platinum PSU, Workstation mainly, every once in a while Gaming. Not an overclcoking Junkie, just like the Board. Lo...

Maximus Xiii Hero Problem

Hi. Just installed my Maximus XIII motherboard with i9 10900k. I have put 4 Nvme drives on the board. 3 in the Nvme slots (not the top one as that is for 11th Gen and pcie4) the the last one is on the pcie 3 slot at the bottom of the board with a pci...

Asus X99 Rampage V Extreme, PCE-E Lanes

I am trying to run the board in 16x8x8x8 configuration(Without M.2), its now running @ 16x8x8x4.I tried looking into the bios to see if I can change the port speed, nope.I also looked at Gpu Post under bios, only 3 Vga's are detected, the last one is...

Z590-E Thunderbolt Connection

I need to be able to connect to thunderbolt on my z590-e motherboard. Will any thunderbolt expansion card work or is there a specific kind I need?This is a custom build from NZXT I am upgrading. I am new to building, please pretend I don't know anyth...