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New build - Rampage & 3930K

Hi there,I'm currently looking for a new config and here is what i've put on my shopping cart :ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREMECPU intel 3930KVentirad BEquiet! DArk ROCK PRO MEMORY KHX2133C11D3K4/8GXVGA ENGTX680-2GD5POWER SUPPLY be quiet! Dark Power Pro 750WT...

Extras - Useful or useless

Hey, I've decided for the most part what I want as a core of my PC I just wanted to know how useful or useless these extras are Extras:Icy Dock MB882HX-1SB 2.5” SATA SSD Xpander Hybrid Adapter5.25" System Displays/Front Bay DevicesBluetooth AdaptorMe...

JAYuill by Level 7
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Value UPGRADE for existing Case

Folks,It's time to upgrade and I'd like to replace the graphics card, mainboard, CPU and memory. I use my system primarily for gaming, and Battlefield 3 has been the most demanding application so far. I like the RoG line of mainboards and the Core ...

Black4 by Level 8
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watercooling advice

guys, im up to watercool my motherboard (rampage 4 extreme) but i cant find a cool-looking and also good in performance cooler i have seen koolance's MB-ASR4E (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme) [no nozzles] and also Ek's x79 coolers but im trying to find some...

help needed for new editing rig!

I could totally use some help with my build. Main purpose is for editing with Adobe premiere, after effects and cutting R3D footage and I need as much power as possible!Here's one I've put together so far but I still have not placed my order, I'm sti...

Artino by Level 9
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Need a new cheap GPU... HELP?

Hi,I was looking to upgrade my GPU. I do not know what to.I need something relatively cheap (around £100-£150)I would also like to play very intense games such as battlefield 3. Thanks

allyd96 by Level 7
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My build -- first since 2001

I just got done building and doing the initial testing on my new computer. It was an interesting experience especially since I have been out of the PC building loop for 11 years. I wanted to some benchmarking and OCing especially for some bragging ri...

Need a Water Cooling Advice

Hi fellow pc enthusiast..Im planning to make a water cooling in my system.I have a asus mobo crosshair V formula with a Amd FX8120 processor running at 4.6 ghz (OC) with Corsair H100 cooling on it And also a Asus Radeon HD6970 DCII w/ 940mhz (OC),pla...

xyper_G by Level 7
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Nvidia Card? What to do?

Okay so here's my dilemma.I'm only waiting on the last bit of funds for finishing my build now and I was going to finish it off with a watercooled, overclocked GTX 590.I already have the waterblock and back plate for it, now I just need the card.The ...

loli by Level 7
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