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SSD's Questions

I'm looking at finally purchasing an SSD, but I'm stuck as to which one to go for. The criteria I've set is:1) 256gig's or larger.2) Priced under $350 USD.3) Reliability and Performance.I don't want to be saddled up with an SSD that's too small for m...

RAM for rampage IV

hallo. i'd like to put 8x8Gb ram on a rampageIV. is there any thing i should know to chose RAM correctly? i mean, if i take 8 similar 8Gb dimm is ok or do i need to buy a pre compiled 8x8Gb offer, or i do need special things to look at?thanks.(hey, i...

first wc setup with asus maximus extreme iv z

Hey all,I am putting together my first watercooled setup and had a couple questions, I have a Maximus Extreme IV Z motherboard and I notice a very very slight sag on my EVGA GTX 580 Hydrocopper. I checked all my standoffs on my Corsair 800D case an...

Dimsum by Level 7
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New computer wont get pass bios?

When i start up my pc i get the bios, but then when i restart it goes to startup repair and after waiting for it multiple times it says it cant fix the problem. i try to select start windows normally instead and my computer just shuts down. what coul...

UnAssisT by Level 7
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maximus iv gene-z/gen3 watercool advice

hi guys, a newbie here in relation to watercoolinghelp to what the best watercooling system to "fit" in my assembly. and what would be the the best assemble or just by a kit.Here is my specs..MOBO: Maximus IV GeneZ/Gen3Memory: GSkills Sniper 8gb (4x2...

yahj_20 by Level 7
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New build - Rampage & 3930K

Hi there,I'm currently looking for a new config and here is what i've put on my shopping cart :ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREMECPU intel 3930KVentirad BEquiet! DArk ROCK PRO MEMORY KHX2133C11D3K4/8GXVGA ENGTX680-2GD5POWER SUPPLY be quiet! Dark Power Pro 750WT...

Extras - Useful or useless

Hey, I've decided for the most part what I want as a core of my PC I just wanted to know how useful or useless these extras are Extras:Icy Dock MB882HX-1SB 2.5” SATA SSD Xpander Hybrid Adapter5.25" System Displays/Front Bay DevicesBluetooth AdaptorMe...

JAYuill by Level 7
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Value UPGRADE for existing Case

Folks,It's time to upgrade and I'd like to replace the graphics card, mainboard, CPU and memory. I use my system primarily for gaming, and Battlefield 3 has been the most demanding application so far. I like the RoG line of mainboards and the Core ...

Black4 by Level 8
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