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no ideal on my psu needs

Hello I am kinda new at this forum thing so please go easy on me. I currently have a CH5 with a athlon 2 X4 645 Propus 3.1GHz Socket AM3. 8 gigs of 1333 ddr3 corsair vengance ram, and a XFX Radeon 6970. I am wanting to up grade my cpu to the AMD FX81...

Nat by Level 7
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help choosing good CPU cooler and PSU

Hey guys i recently upgraded my pc to :Core i7 3770K Asus Maximus V geneGskil Ripjaws-Z 4*4gb 1866 CL9Asus GTX 670 DC2Corsair Force series 3 gt 120gband now i don't know what CPU cooler i should get i want a good one that doesn't conflict with my RAM...

Ezioo by Level 8
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Hello,Currently i have buy asus z77 gene z/gen3 I would like to buy some memories but...I am inclined to blackdragon geil 2133MHz will be a good buy??thks.

Need Help! Ram and HDD Issue!

Hi,I bought a new Maximus V gene mATX mb along with Core i5 3570k cpu. My rig includes corsair vengence ddr3 1866 Mhz ram (2 x 4Gb at a2 and b2 dimms) and WD green SATA 3 6.0Gbps 7200 rpm hdd.All went well until I started the system. I noticed that i...

KPRage by Level 10
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Crossfire Build Advice

First post and new to ROGHi I am building my first rig in a long, long while and i could do with real gamer advice.I am basing the build around the Maximus V Gene but am a little concerned about space available on the board for effective cooling in c...

Uriron by Level 7
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Need Help with Components

Greetings fellow enthusiasts,I have recently become the proud owner of a MAXIMUS V FORMULA, but I'm struggling to find an aftermarket cooler that fits with my specifics.Firstly, I plan on using an i7 3770, not the 3770k, and as such I don't really pl...

Royalkin by Level 7
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Asus Formula V + High Profile Ram = ???? Air CPU Cooler.

So, I am having bit of an issue finding which air cooling system to get with the Ram being high profile Corsair Vengeance I was aimed towards the Coolermaster V8 but I cant find anyone who has it that can verify that it wont effect the black DIMM slo...

Verse by Level 7
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Cooling liquids question

Hey guys, I'm running:Core i7 920 slightly overclocked @ 2.79Ghz water cooled12GB (3x4gig) Patriot PC12800 DDR3 Trichannel @ 1600 MhzRadeon 5870 (XFX if I remember)Seagate Momentus XT 750gig HybridWatercooled MOBO:Gigabyte EX58-ExtremeWatercooling/to...

Picasso by Level 7
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Another advice on first build thread.

Hi, this is my first build so I would very much appreciate your comments. Please let me know if I picked out any lemons or picked incompatible parts. Ok, to the specifics! My budget is 3000-3500$. It will be mainly used for gaming (not hard core)...