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Which is the best ASUS motherboard

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the absoute best, top of the line ASUS motherboard is. I cannot for the life of me figure it out using the ASUS website. Is it the Hero brand? The Crosshair brand? The Zenith brand? I need...

Herls by Level 8
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ROG Strix GA35 Front Fan

Greeting everyone!Back in February, I purchased an ROG Strix GA35DX-MS700 from my local Micro Center. ABSOLUTELY love this beast (upgraded from an ASUS ROG G751JY). I am wanting to make a simple hardware addition to it, and I hope someone can point...

hard drive upgrade

Hi I'm looking for some advise I have a ASUS strix Z270e gaming motherboard with a i7 7700K cpu I was thinking about upgrading my internal Samsung SSD hard drive which is almost full and was wondering what would be the best to upgrade to anoth...

spooks by Level 7
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Strix XG43UQ VS. Swift PG43UQ

Hello. I am in the market for a 4k monitor. I'm running a Strix 3090 with 64gb of RAM, a 1200W Thor PSU and a Ryzen 7 3700, so I know my set up can run it. I would prefer a bigger monitor, however the options to choose from are the Strix XG...

Herls by Level 8
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G14 2021 black screen after ram upgrade

Ive done some reading and they aren't many resolutions besides trying another brand stickMy dilemma is I paid extra to get a Samsung stick like the original and it wont work. Instantly goes to a black screen after powering onI have the GA401QM The or...

tzaffer by Level 7
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Dual TUF Gaming 3090 Ti Psu advice

I'm wondering if I should Use a dual Psu set up and run my two TUF Gaming 3090 Ti off a single Psu and the rest of my system off the other psu. I plan on using 8-10 monitors and would like to not have to worry about the cards over drawing on me.

j1337 by Level 7
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Hi all,Title says it all. Purchased new strix 3080ti OC edition (2 weeks old) that produces significant coil whine under load. Louder than the fans @ ~ 70%No other issues with the card, no visible damage and no loss of performance. It's paired with a...

aGovs by Level 7
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New Built For Beginner and M.2

Currently, this is my very first built at age 67. It's terrifying to say the least. But here we go. I currently have a Z590-e motherboard that I'm starting to work on. In this according to ASUS it has 4 M.2 drives. Wait 4 M.2 drives, yes, 4 M.2 ...

timlab by Level 9
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