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Best mve fan controller?

What is the "best" fan controller to install in my new air cooled build? Should I use one? (I am fearful of water corrosion over time but may go that way if absolutely needed) I have one front 5.25 bay left in the case. Most controllers I see use 3 p...

sweeko by Level 7
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Some WCing advise

First off I have been building PCs for years air cooled. This is my first adventure into Water Cooling. Here is my equipment:Asus Rampage IV Extreme (looking for chipset water blocks still)i7 3820 (Currently cooled via Corsair H100)32gb of DDR3 213...

CM Storm Trooper, Rampage iv extreme?

I'm planning on building a system using the rampage iv extreme and the CM Storm trooper and a corsair 850W modular.I was wondering if anyone knew if i would need more extension cables for the PSU to board other than the 8pin included with the case? A...

redrage by Level 9
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Have two problems

Hi again guys,finally i built my first gaming PC :D:D:D:ASUS Rampage IV FormulaIntel Core i7-3930K (O.C 4.2)Corsair 32GBCrucial 512 GBCorsair Hydro Series H100Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D Corsair Gold 1200-WattEVGA GeForce GTX690Samsung Blu-Ray Com...

Doubts about RoG Tytan CG8565

Hello everyone,I'm getting a Rog Tytan CG8565 and i was wondering if the case has enough space / is viable to put a Maximus V Formula + a full water cooling system + a gtx 670/680.Do you guys believe this is possible? I'd really like to see this done...

XVeno by Level 7
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Case choise for Maximus V Formula E-ATX

Hey all,I already have a post in the motherboard section because my new formula wouldnt start up, turned out to be i was using a case not fitted for E-ATX so i had a short.I dont experience with E-ATX cases so i would like to hear your opinion about ...

martyzzz by Level 7
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WCing a Cosmos II

Well after a mishap with my HAF X case, somehow my 2 year old boy pulled it off my desk. He is ok but case is broke. I did find a Cosmos II local that I picked up. So far like the case. Anyways I am always built my system air cooled but I am thin...

Corsair Dom plats

OK so sooner, or later i'll be buying (4GB x 2) of these babiesi don't know which kit to get thoughso the 2133 kits will be at $143while the 1866 will be at $112to justify some things, i mainly use my rig for gaming and some video editingany help wil...

Multi-screens; Worth it?

Hey, I've been doing some digging into multi-screen displays - just coz I think they look kinda cool, But I'm not sure how useful they actually ARE.Anyone got any information on this kinda thing? Strengths/weaknesses etc And anywhere I could sta...

8Teen by Level 7
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