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Ram settings

Having problems setting up the Memory DDR5 6400 mhz on a Maximus Z690 Hero, with a I9-129000k processor, EVGA 3060 video card. Memory settings refuse to allow the 6400mhz, always gets knocked back to 4800mhz. The bios are now set on automatic setting...

ASUS Z690 formula (PD_12V_PWR) connector?

Hi, Im building my new ASUS z690 formula rig and i have come across this 6pin connector "PD-12V_PWR". I don't know if this actually connects from to board to the GPU or does it connect from the board to the ATX? What are your thoughts? Tony


So I've been running this combo now for two weeks and I'm finding FanXpert 4 frustrating at best. 1) the fan spin up and spin down settings reset at each reboot and at a less frequency randomly. Why is this? How do prevent it - write protec...

Tacyon by Level 7
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Asus z690 hero bios issues with my gpu

Hi guys I have a 12 900 K in an Asus z690 hero boardI have an issue When I update the bios to anything past 811 it kills the performance of my gpuI’m currently running bios 811My gpu is an Asus Strix 3090 ocI’ve tried every bios after 811, but all of...

Will M.2 Drives for RAID kill GPU speed?

I am considering getting some smaller M.2 drives to run as a RAID for my OS. I have been more than fine with 500GB using SATA RAID drives but don't want to go over 1TB. I am running the Intel i9 11900k CPU. So here is the question. I see tha...