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I have this Hardware: could you chek the heat?

Hi, I am totally inexperienced in this field and would be happy if someone could give me some advice.My hardware is this and I use it with Windows 10:CASE: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Full Tower (black) - black (multi-color LED)CPU: Intel i9 ...

Motherboard PCB bent

Hi , i notice my motherboard in the top left close to cpu power connector is bent , the screw is no to loose or ti tight , i try to loose it more but the pcb dont unbent , the rest of the screw are correctly no tight no loose , the motherboard have i...

Yuniel by Level 10
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Strix z690 d4 wol

Hi all,has anyone been able to setup WOL on this mobo? All my computers at home are setup for WOL fine. For reference i followed this https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1045950/, just in case i was missing something. Lights on the ethernet do not light...

Ryujin 2 Temps on screen.

I have the ryujin 2360 AIO. The temperatures on the screen do not resemble those in the HwMonitor program. Where does the ryujin measure temperatures? There may be more than 10 degrees of difference.

Zenith Extreme ii Alpha - ram compatibility

I'm upgrading from zenith extreme v1 to zenith extreme ii Alpha. I assumed my current Corsair 64gb ram kit (4 X 16GB) would work with the new MB since it's all the same platform but I've checked the QVL list and the product code doesn't show up. Some...