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ASUS Maximus V FORMULA Case options

First off, i did try to search but didn't come up with any really good advice.So my questions are....Is anyone using this board and what case are you using? Do i need to get a full tower, or will it be ok in a Mid tower?Here is the link to all the ot...

Need some comments please

Hi,Hello to everyone I'm new here too and from just outside London in the UK. I'm just looking at speccing a system for a Maximus V formula as well. It's been a while since I've really done any PC stuff so I'm just getting back into it, where the t...

Crossfirex+Sound card recommend

Today I get the xonar phoebus, here begins the problems lol.The cards are Crossfire have installed as in the manual it says, placing them in slot 1 and slot 4. The problem is the following, the second card (which is in slot 4) extends to the small pc...

Loquito by Level 7
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GTX 580 with a Corsair PSU

Hello,My current setup is:CPU: i5 3570K @ GPU: Asus GTX 580 Direct CU IIRAM: 8GB CorsairMainboard: MSI HDD: 1 TBPSU: Corsair CX600 I would really want to change my power supply to a Corsair CX750Watt, because I think my 600 watt is not strong enough ...

Monitor Advice [ Asus vs Benq ]

I'm trying to figure out which monitor to buy, advice would be great thank you. Please post you're reasons as to why and if you own the monitor please do tell about how it performs especially for gaming. Thank you!ASUS VG248QE or...BenQ XL2420Tor Any...

Zeruel by Level 7
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Out with the new/In with the old.

I am watching and will wait a few weeks to jump into the Z87 realm because I can see that the newer boards are a bit overpriced right now.The board I was considering is at 400.00 currently and I think that is for the latest greatest people and I beli...

fbm211 by Level 7
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2 SSD for RAID or 1 SSD?

Hi again,I would like to know which is better to go with for faster windows boot, 2 SSD for RAID [2x 256GB] or 1 large size SSD say 512GB?If i will go with 2 SSD for RAID, should i do that RAID before i install windows 7 or even i can add that second...

Video Card?

So it boils down to this. I am tired of being screwed by my 6970 2gb card in new games because those new games are using Nvidia codecs and ignore ATI products. Games tuned to Nvidia like the Metro series and Borderlands. So I am searching for an Nvid...

JDRhoads by Level 7
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