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Memtest86 Errors on new ROG Ryzen 9 Build

Hi AllFirst post on these forums! I have been working on a build based on the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME. It's been really good but today I decided to run Memtest86 against my DRAM and I got a bunch of errors. I have attached a screen shot to this p...

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16 pin connector query

Hi all, I am going to pull the trigger on a 4090 soon and I have the rog thor 1200 P2 PSU coming. It is meant to have a 16 pin 600w cable in it but the other end of it is 2 X 8 pin connectors. I am of the understanding that 2 X 8 pin would only pipe ...

Mem upgrd from 2100 to 4000

I've got a Rog Strix X570E mb and an AMD 3900x processor. Memory is 2133. The pc runs "Mapping Cancer Markers" (World Community Grid) 24/7 at 100%. CPUID shows cpu usage at 100%. Would upgrading to 4000 mem improve the computers performance's?

Crosshire VIII Hero wifi BIOS problems (probably?)

Good day. I want to ask for advice concerning a new PC I'm building. First I'll list the components in case someone can point out some issue I could miss:MB: Crosshire VIII HERO wifiCPU: Ryzen 9 5900X (compatible after BIOS 2311)RAM: G-Skill F4-3200C...

X670E ASUS TUF not working with 4 sticks of RAM

System :CPU : Ryzen 7900xMotherboard : X670E TUF ASUSRAM: 4x 16 GB G skill Trident Z NEO 6000 mhz CL36 ( 2x different kits but same specs )PSU : CORSAIR X850GPU: RX 6800 XTAIO cooler : Masterliquid M360LCase : Lian LI IIIProblem : When I put all 4 st...

B550A doesn't let me set 0db fans to 0%

On my old z370pro4 the arctic odb pwm fans worked fine and went down to 0dbBut no matter what I try I cannot get them to work this way on B550AI'm on the latest version of bios and I've tried bios method with fan optimization and software method too....

Monitor for gaming

Hello folks. I’ve been building my gaming PC. Most of my PC parts are Asus so I would like to get an Asus gaming monitor. But the thing is there are so many options which are so confusing. So, can you guys recommend a good monitor for gaming? Thanks ...

ROG Zephyrus S Space Bar issue

Hello Everyone,I purchased a ROG GX701GX-XB78 Zephyrus S several months ago. Mostly used for gaming My keys all work although my spacebar doesn't have much movement to it, when i press it, there is not much response to the key physically but it respo...