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Switching to Intel from AMD

So, just built the system listed in my signature. Struggling with it for a while now. First sent back a defective board (the Sabertooth Gen3) which I switched out with the Crosshair V, mainly because everyone was out of stock on the Sabertooth and I ...

MOBO Connection Question

I have a ASUS Maximus V GENE motherboard. On it it has ATA 6 connections and ATA 3 connections.Can you plug a 3 into a 6 will the device still work?Thanks much.

rbaron by Level 7
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Help: looking with new Memory for MB

Hi,I want some new Memory for my Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3 version. The documentation and on the website is the list with memory support very old and out dated.(Processor: Core I7 3770K)I want in dual channel 16 GB and I have now from one vendor two...

New build in a Carbide Air 540

Budget: $2200Main uses of intended build: Gaming / Watching videos / Some VMs for linux distros and testingRight now my main system has been over heating. I cleaned it out but the airflow options for my case are severely limited and ever sense I got ...

21640 21641
IcezX2K by Level 7
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Corsair Ax 860

sorry for starting a thread only for a small question but can an ax860 run 2 gtx titans and the maximus vi extreme with all the psu connectors meaning 24pin 8 + 4 pin and 6pin (optional) without any problem?? the system will only get 2 hdd and 2 ssd'...

Update on computer and many questions.

First off my H100i exploded without power all over my Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard and Intel 3570k.Had it tested and both the motherboard and processor are good they even updated the Bios.They offered me another H100i but I declined.They offere...

Installing the cooling ..... H100i

Hi again,I am trying to complete my first build by myself after i got many bad comments about using a shop doing for my 2nd and 3rd build, but i never did this before and i watched many videos and read manuals but still i don't know all the details, ...

Video: Mini-ITX Gaming PC Build Guide

DanK reviews a BitFenix Prodigy, while building this mini-ITX gaming PC in the process. For good measure he’s filling it with this set of kick-ass kithttp://rog.asus.com/226302013/graphics-cards-2/video-mini-itx-gaming-pc-build-guide/

Mankz by Level 10
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Monolith Mid-range OC Gaming Build.

Hi Guys,After years of consoles, Macs (I do some graphic design) and disappointing *air-quote* gaming laptops, I am finally taking the plunge and investing in a better-FPS, overclocked, future.I'm going for a high performance but mid-range and expand...

Badger by Level 7
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