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Rampage IV Extreme Questions

I've nearly got my new build complete, but I have a few nagging concerns with choosing the Rampage IV Extreme board. I'm not sure how many of these are BS internet rumors or actual downsides to this board, so I figured I'd just come directly to the ...

Wykk- by Level 7
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Asus Monitor Models????

i want to buy a new monitor and i have chosen asus, the problem is i do not know what does the letters in the asus monitor name means. for example:LS series-ML series-MS series-VH series-VE series-VK series-VW series-VS series-VG series-PB series-im ...

Rayhan by Level 8
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building my dream :P

Drool :rolleyes:I just think its a little bit out of my price range ($12k)http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Best-Gaming-PC-SLINKY-SUPERCOMPUTER-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-TITAN-Quad-SLI-/300905943892#vi-content

Detleg by Level 12
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PCIe 3.0

HI Guys and Girls,I have just installed a Titan in my Rampage Extreme IV mobo and I have set the bios to GEN3 for my PCIe 3.0 card.but it only shows up as PCIe 2 ????????????Does any one know why this is?I have the card in the first slot I am a littl...

Rampage IV Noctua cooler ... RAM

Good day to all.I recently upgraded my system and I was aware of needing small ram my friend just so happened to have 6GB of corsair 1.65V 1600mhz ram the last week I have been getting a HELL of a load BSOD Ran Memtest for 10 passes nothing wrong.. o...

Best power supply out there?

Hi,I'm just wandering which is the best power supply company for high spec gaming pcs?I was checking out the Corsair Ax1200 and Corsair Ax1200i. What you think guys?

ppr0perr by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero: Memory, the QVL... Help?

Hi guys,To be brief, I'm simply trying to find some overclockable CAS 9, G.Skill Trident X in the size I want (2x8) but every matched pair I can buy with those specs is nowhere to be found in the Maximus VI Hero Qualified Vendor List for memory.I can...

Badger by Level 7
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Wifi for z87 gene, also recommendations for him

Hi,I'm considering to use this board (BTW: any thoughts/experience with this board?how good it is?) but for some reason all the micro boards I consider (the asus gryphon as well) don't have wifi. What are my option?I want to use it with a game/htpc s...

wolf1o by Level 7
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