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Best power supply out there?

Hi,I'm just wandering which is the best power supply company for high spec gaming pcs?I was checking out the Corsair Ax1200 and Corsair Ax1200i. What you think guys?

ppr0perr by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero: Memory, the QVL... Help?

Hi guys,To be brief, I'm simply trying to find some overclockable CAS 9, G.Skill Trident X in the size I want (2x8) but every matched pair I can buy with those specs is nowhere to be found in the Maximus VI Hero Qualified Vendor List for memory.I can...

Badger by Level 7
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Wifi for z87 gene, also recommendations for him

Hi,I'm considering to use this board (BTW: any thoughts/experience with this board?how good it is?) but for some reason all the micro boards I consider (the asus gryphon as well) don't have wifi. What are my option?I want to use it with a game/htpc s...

wolf1o by Level 7
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APU E35M1-I mobo and FirePro GPU?

I am curious as to how well an AMD FirePro GPU will do with an E35M1-I Motherboard. Or any of there AMD onboard mobos. Any of the E35M1, E45M1, oe even the C60M1.Does anyone know if that combination will work? Like do the Motherboards support it and ...

need advice on motherboard..

hi guys i am going for a new build and need advice on motherboard.....should i go for rampage 4 extreme socket 2011............ or new maximus extreme z87 socket 1150....haswell is new hence more appealing...does it perform well?

aky108 by Level 7
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5.25" bay res/pump in carbide air 540

Hi, I was planning on doing a watercooled build in the corsair carbide air 540 case and I was wonderin if there would be any problems with mounting a bay res into the sideways 5.25 bays on the right side of the case?there appears to be enough room fo...

Wi-fi card

Hi again,I would like to know, which wi-fi card available for Ausu motherboards[Rampage 4 Extreme i have]?Not sure if those mobos have some built-in cards, but if not then i want to get a card for wireless network forn my rig using Asus mobo, any ide...

i7 4770k or i54670k

Ive just about raised the cash to build my first gaming machine. But i cant decide whether to get the i7 4770k or the i5 4670k. I know the 4770k is overkill when it comes to gaming especially when the only other uses my machine will have is some rend...

SupremeFX anyone got some info?

i´m about to put together a new pc, with the hero Vi MOBO.i used to run my sound through my GTX-680 GPU Hdmi to my 7.1 Harman kardon Reciever.But now i would like to find some info, if it would be better to use the SupremeFx card on the ROG MOBO and ...