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Build ideas

My mind is overflowing sometimes and i thought i share my ideas here and maybe some one have use of something:)1: VRM coolingAllready written this idea in another thread but its for cooling the VRM back side. Gottex directed me to the heatzinks then ...

SSD problems

Hi guys, new user to the site, long time builder of computers. With that said, I have a problem that is causing me some difficulty.I have built a new system using the Rampage IV Formula board, it has 3 new hard drives in it;1 x Samsung 840 Pro SSD 12...

GUYVER by Level 7
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3x27" Nvidia Build Advice?

i hope i am in the right section. i want to build a gaming computer with 3x27" monitors. i want to buy smart like enough cpu, ram, gpu, and psu to play wow across all 3 screens in ultra settings.

Opinions on my build.

Hi Could I have your opinions on my build below? I use my computer for all sorts of things like programming, gaming, watching movies, everything really. Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard (Intel Z77, DDR3, S-ATA 600, ATX, e-SATA, USB 3.0...

huddy by Level 7
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Build ROG HTPC or buy MacBook Pro

I'm trying to decide if I should buy a macbook pro or build my self a rog gaming/media encoding htpc. below is a list of components. I appreciate any advice.Fractal Design Black Aluminum / Steel Node 605 FD-CA-NODE-605-BL ATX Media Center / HTPC Ca...

Advice needed for a new rig

ello there,im building a new rig. this is as far as i have gotten...Asus maximus v formulaAsus GTX 660 ti (1)Samsung LED 21" WD caviar black 1 tb i need advice on what RAM and PSU should i be getting.... i have no idea what to get ... need advice. ...

I made a mistake and got a res thats too big...Damn

The res I ordered is a bit bigger than I thought it would be.It seem I only have 1 option as far as I can figure out for now. (Pic below) My 2nd 680 will barely fit.I should have gone with a EK 150 multi port.I may have to order some 45 or 90 degree ...

fbm211 by Level 7
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Help with the g750

Hello, I bought a g750jx from amazon, but although the website said it mounted a gtx 780M graphics card...it actually has a gtx770M.I wanted to have as much gaming power on a laptop as possible, and I was deluded to see that Far Cry 3 on ultra was......