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Asus rog gx501vik older bios 305\306\307

Hello. Can you give to me bios version 305, 306,307, or 308.i have too much temperature. I want use trottlestop to decrease cpu temperature from 95 to 70-75. I have latest bios now, and this program is not working anymore.please guys, help me. Regrad...

zhnohp by Level 7
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CPU Maxes out with AiMesh

I have a RT AX86 and a RT AC68 – when I connect the AC68 as a node using wired backhaul when a device connects to the node after a short while the CPU on the AX86 core 1 maxes out and the wifi network is unusable – If no devices connect to the node t...

woto214 by Level 7
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Memory issue with ASUSTeK PRIME X299-A

Hi,I currently have have four 8gb sticks installed on the right side of the CPU.As you might already know, there are four additional slots on the other side of the CPU.I'm trying to add an additional 16gb single stick there but wherever I plug it it ...

Argb headers or pins

I got a Maximus extreme XIII where i installed 7 phantek neons leds strips. And i chained em all up with the phantek cables in to 3 female argb ports that i connected with the ARGB adapterThat is similar to this https://www.aquatuning.us/media/image...

Psycrow by Level 11
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PCI Device in device manager?

I just did a fresh install of windows 10 on my X99-A system and there is just one remaining device that I have no clue what driver to install for it. It shows up on other devices in the device manager as "PCI device". it is located on PCI Slot 4 (PC...

Reading optional TMP sensor on z690 Formula?

Hi there.I have just installed a small temperature sensor which I've attached to the middle of my DRAM modules so I can see what they're getting to under load. The sensor is attached to the 2 pin tmp connector at the bottom of the board. Please not...

IVY Bridge-E and 4 DIMM 1866 Ram Question

I have a Rampage IV Extreme and just recently upgraded to a Ivy Bridge E (from Sandy Bridge E.) I know IVY-E supports 1866 RAM, but from what I am reading it's with 2 DIMMS (I have 4 installed). I have it set to 1866 and CPU-Z reports 933mhz so i...