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Need help with NFC Express!

I know that this might be the wrong section to post this in... but bear with me here.I'm new to the forum But I need some help...Just purchased the ASUS NFC Express. After installation I can't acces the settings through AI Suite III...Installed the ...

Need info on what memory option I should go with.

Hello, I have 32gig of memory (Crucial 8gig sticks 1600mhz 1.5v). The question I have is would it really help the speed of my pc to add another 32gig of the same memory? Or is it really worth removing the memory I have now and replacing it with Kings...

Need help finding a good mini-ITX case

Hi all!I need to find a good mini-ITX case with 2x5.25 bay´s for my coming build. And the reason for that is so I can have a mini-ITX gaming rig with ROG Front Base:) So what good mini-ITX do have dual 5.25 bays´?

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g 750 laptops i need your help please help me lol

I am new to gaming laptops i am looking at this laptop it is refurbished i wanna know if its a good deal http://www.accessantennas.com.au/perth-discount/laptops/asus-laptops/refurbished-a-grade-asus-g750jh-intel-i7-4700hq-nvidia-gtx-765-ddr5-perth-pi...

advice for my first workstation build

HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiThis is my first workstation build.....m using this system for hardcore 3d modelling,3d rendering,game designing & gaming also...softwares that i use 3dsmax,maya,zbrush,cryengine & other 3d softwaremy budget is around 160000 (INR)...

building advice Maximus VI rig

Hi, I'd like to build the rig based on url http://rog.asus.com/243482013/country/rog-hq/how-to-build-the-ultimate-gaming-pc-build-guide-with-maximus-vi-extreme/.Goal: kickass gaming pc for kid (He wants Alienware, Dad said with a devine voice: I'll c...

Which soundcard?

Which soundcard/onboard audio is better, and why?Asus Xonar PhoebusAsus Xonar Essence STXSupremeFX/Sonic RadarThanks

Myth Busting : How much power do you really need?

more or less this should give us an idea on how we should adjust our power supply needs/wantsfor those planning on buying a power supply with just a SINGLE GPU/Video card setup and not going for high end crossfire and sli you, i strongly suggest you ...

Watercooling advice for 4770k/Formula

Here are my build specs to start with:~Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower~SeaSonic X-1050w 80 Plus Gold PSU~Intel Core i7-4770k Haswell CPU (OC to 4400@1.275 vcore)~Asus Maximus VI Formula Motherboard~Corsair H100 Closed Loop Liquid Cooler in Push/P...