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Advice/Criticism on Current Build?

This is about the 3rd computer I have built personally, not including one I chose components for through a website, and I just thought after all my ASUS purchases that I would finally get involved in the ROG community. To start things off I just want...

Need opinions about my build components

Hello dear ROG Army,its been 3 weeks now and still lurking over the interwebz trying to gather as much possible of information and tips about building a gaming computer and sure i did gain some knowledge but im still limited in many domains, so i tho...

New Build

Hello friends, I'm looking for input on my current planned build. I will be using this computer for gaming, and also Folding@Home, SETI and World Community Grid in my off time. Planning on watercooling my rig as well, and will be adding a second GPU ...


Possible incompatibility with New Build? Help

I just received my components in the mail yesterday and got them all out, ready to put it together, when I noticed a possible problem with the RAM and its compatibility with the Motherboard and the CPU. There are 2 possible Issues with it. Here are t...

Formatting hhds

Iam pulling two 1 tb drives in a raid0 from my old system and installing them in my new build as separate drives.Should I format them before taking them from the old system or do it when installing in the new build...does it matter?

johndh by Level 7
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Help/advice on build

So I'm kind decent with picking and building pcs, better at building though, so thats no issue.I did read Marshall's thread on build advice, so ill use that to help a bit.I do have a pc i could build upon but i do not like the fact that i would be bo...

rodimus by Level 7
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Memory kit and PSU

Hi,I wanted to know what's the best brand and fastest speed Ram I can use on my build, also the best PSU.Specs on my build gonna beIntel 3930kRAmpage iv extreme2 1tb wd hdd1 2tb wd hdd1 256 ocz ssd So farThanks,

tntmafia by Level 7
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Test for New Build

Hi, I am just starting a new build, is there an easy way to test my components ( CPU, GPU, RAM etc. ) before installing them all in my case ? I will be doing a complete water cooled system with 4 EK Watercooling Blocks, (Obviously not set up yet)...

Geforce by Level 7
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