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Need info on what memory option I should go with.

Hello, I have 32gig of memory (Crucial 8gig sticks 1600mhz 1.5v). The question I have is would it really help the speed of my pc to add another 32gig of the same memory? Or is it really worth removing the memory I have now and replacing it with Kings...

Need help finding a good mini-ITX case

Hi all!I need to find a good mini-ITX case with 2x5.25 bay´s for my coming build. And the reason for that is so I can have a mini-ITX gaming rig with ROG Front Base:) So what good mini-ITX do have dual 5.25 bays´?

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g 750 laptops i need your help please help me lol

I am new to gaming laptops i am looking at this laptop it is refurbished i wanna know if its a good deal http://www.accessantennas.com.au/perth-discount/laptops/asus-laptops/refurbished-a-grade-asus-g750jh-intel-i7-4700hq-nvidia-gtx-765-ddr5-perth-pi...

advice for my first workstation build

HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiThis is my first workstation build.....m using this system for hardcore 3d modelling,3d rendering,game designing & gaming also...softwares that i use 3dsmax,maya,zbrush,cryengine & other 3d softwaremy budget is around 160000 (INR)...

building advice Maximus VI rig

Hi, I'd like to build the rig based on url http://rog.asus.com/243482013/country/rog-hq/how-to-build-the-ultimate-gaming-pc-build-guide-with-maximus-vi-extreme/.Goal: kickass gaming pc for kid (He wants Alienware, Dad said with a devine voice: I'll c...

Which soundcard?

Which soundcard/onboard audio is better, and why?Asus Xonar PhoebusAsus Xonar Essence STXSupremeFX/Sonic RadarThanks

Myth Busting : How much power do you really need?

more or less this should give us an idea on how we should adjust our power supply needs/wantsfor those planning on buying a power supply with just a SINGLE GPU/Video card setup and not going for high end crossfire and sli you, i strongly suggest you ...

Watercooling advice for 4770k/Formula

Here are my build specs to start with:~Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower~SeaSonic X-1050w 80 Plus Gold PSU~Intel Core i7-4770k Haswell CPU (OC to 4400@1.275 vcore)~Asus Maximus VI Formula Motherboard~Corsair H100 Closed Loop Liquid Cooler in Push/P...

Build Advice - Fan Power

Upon receipt of a new rig I’ve had built inside a NZXT H630 and after some tinkering by myself with the fans and their positioning on the Asus Z87 Sabretooth, I’m concerned that it maybe drawing too much power from the board to achieve my goal of ful...