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Possible diode leak?

Hey all. Recently put together a new build using the ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-A motherboard.While installing the CPU and cooler, I noticed what looked like a possible leak from one of the board components to the top left of the CPU socket.Does this look ...

Rythmer by Level 7
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Z690-F does not post properly with QVL stick

Hi!I have a Z690-F, Intel 12900k and a stick of 32GB Crucial RAM that is on the QVL list.Now, I have had a problem ever since I bought this stuff. When I start my computer it won't post. The DIMM LED on the MB lights orange for a long time, then goes...

Gaming System has me stumped H170 Gaming Pro

Hey all,I'll start with my PC specs:i7 670032GB Kingston Fury MemoryRTX 3050Asus H170 Pro GamingA bunch of SSD's, M.2 and 2 Spinning DrivesThe issue started a few days ago. I was playing AOE4, told me my GPU drivers out of date. I updated and continu...

leetpg by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula Question

good day can anyone please assist there is 6 chips near the pci slot and seems 2 has craters in it and the one next to battery is def poped burnes thingermust have been like that for quite a while now have uploaded an attachment of them if anyone can...