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Monitor help. Might be adding a VG248.

Okay so they were having a sale on Asus VS247 LCD monitors for 12000Yen which equals out to approximately $120. I bought 2 of them to start a surround display up. so right now I have VS247, Playstation TV, and VS247 set up in that order. I want to...

smallish wind tunnel (case) needed

I think my next project will be to see how far I can go on air with my spare/extra parts. I am looking for a smallish case that can move (positive flow) as much air as possible The build will be on a SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 so the case should be a full...

Heini by Level 11
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My Budget AMD Build.

Hi guys.Right now I'm running a crappy, old laptop.It runs all the games I play, but on minimal settings.It has a 4 core i3, and uses intel HD 3000 graphics. (Which means it doesn't even support 1080p resolutions)I want to start recording some gamepl...

Gaming Build What To Pick [£1.6k ~ £2k]

Hello guys.This is my 1st post here so sorry if I make any stupid mistake.Lets get to it I am about to buy my next rig I will be ordering the components and building it myself. I have £2k of budget but I would rather spend around £1.7k. I will be OC ...

Nu_No by Level 7
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PSU wattage

Hey guys, what do you think my PSU requirement would be for the following setup I'm building.Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow edition with 4 fans, 20mm, 2 @ 25mm, 30mm. (Purchased)Thermaltake Water 3.0 AIO CPU cooler. (Purchased)ASUS Formula VI MB.Intel ...

First Shot at Anything Like This.

Well, I took the following parts:Case: Cooler Master HAF XPS: Cooler Master V-850, bottom mounted Silent FDB 135 mmMB: Asus Maximus VI FormulaCPU: Intel i7-4770-KVideo Card: XFX Black Edition double Dissipation R9...

Brutus by Level 7
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Poseidon vs. MARS 760

Currently buying parts for a build, and have narrowed things down. So far I'm using the following - Formula VI MB (Was going to use the Extreme, but I want to put the ROG Front Base in the case making the OC panel that comes with the Extreme a waste...

Potential upgrade bottleneck? AMD 1100T BE

I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this but I wanted to ask others on the forum. I am about to upgrade my PC this weekend and I wanted to see how much at all I would be bottle necking my upgrade. Current SpecsCPU - AMD 1100T BE - currentl...

My dream build !!!

Hello guys im new here but i love asus products, this is my dream build. i want to hear some advices and suggestions about itLocation: Caracas, venezuelaCurrency: USDPurchase time: i dont have time yetBudget:8.000 of course i dont want to spend all.....

Kuroxyox by Level 7
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