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I blame you for this.....

Well having been with AMD for like...forever, I came here to see what all this Intel, Asus ROG was all about.And now I have to lay blame with you for this....As soon as Devils Canyon is released I am going for that too...Thankyou for helping me to sp...

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My new build - any advice?

Hey guys this is my first post - I sold my rig last weekend and im in the process of building my new Z97 Rig. OLD RIG SPECSAMD 8350 OC'd to 5.2 GHZ16 GB Corsair Veng 1866 DDR3H100i liquid cooledHAF X CaseCross hair formula Z moboR9 290x Tri-X Sapphir...

BigSteve by Level 7
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Ram Uprgrades for My Rig. and PSU question.

Hello guys.Current Specs:Asus Crosshair V Formula-ZAMD 9590Corsair RM1000 1000 Watt PSU2 x Sapphire Vapor-X cards1tb 7200 RPM HDD240gb SSDNow, I just added in the CPU because i got it for free through my company. Havent actually assembled stuff yet, ...

Shikizu by Level 7
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Z87 deluxe infinite loop q codes

HiI tried to overclock an Asus z87 deluxe Intel i7 4770k on it. It was perfectly running before the overclock. bios version 1507I just change the CPU multiplier to 46 without touching the voltage.At the first boot the win 8 crashed. Then it started a...

Masix by Level 7
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amd fx8350 on a sabertooth990fx r2

Hello i have a heating problem on my cpu and when i put memmory on 1866 mhz (croshair hyper beast)It give me maior lagg and long reboot time samsung evo 128 gig ssd bootup time 50 sec plese help and is it normal to have cpu on 80 degree celcius Thank...

Second GTX 780TI not detected Help

Hi All,I installed today a second 780TI for make a SLII followed the instructions for the motherboard rampage iv I put the second card in the other port pci_e 16x I connected with the SLI bridge When I turn on the pc I hear fans of the card to the ma...

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Need Help Asap! New Build problem

So i recently upgraded my system, i bought a Crosshair V Formula-Z, msi r9 280x and a corsair CX750m. i built my system with no problem and booted a windows 7 ultimate disk into a ssd. after that i started updating my pc and installing drivers when m...

Getting Lost

I am not sure what to do. As for graphics, ssd, memory, and all the rest I am fine.But on CPU and motherboard; that's another issue.i7-4790k Devil's is 412.96 amazoni7-4930k is 578.99I have no idea which way to go. The cost is close enough to not m...

Fresh Build for August

First time poster, long time lurker. Just had a major life changing event with the birth of my daughter that forced me to give up most of my hobbies that allowed me to travel. As a result, I've decided it was time to build a fresh rig so I could e...

djtniz by Level 7
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