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What are the benefits of using a GPU?

Hi everybody. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the headquarters for analyzing and processing data transmitted through instructions. Does the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) have the same features as the CPU? Please help me find the difference betw...

B550-F motherboard - compatible DRAM ?

Using these components, I can't get the Asus motherboard to boot up to the bios.I suspect it may be that the DRAM is incompatible ?On power up The Q-leds will cycle - first on is the DRAM, then CPU, and then stops with both the VGA and BOOT led on. N...

HikerLT by Level 7
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Best available DDR5 for ROG STRIX Z690-E . (2X16)

I see that I posted my request for DDR5 ram advice in the wrong place.Question: What DDR5 ram is recommended for the ROG STRIX Z690-E . (2X16) Price is not a concern And, who has the ram in stock, where to buy them? After a challenging time...

kking by Level 7
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ROG Strix X570-E PCI-E lanes

Hi,I built my computer last year with 2 NVME drives and a GTX 1080 Ti ( from my old PC ). I'm using 5900X as CPU.After that recently I added a PCI-E x4 U.2-> PCI-E adapter with an Intel U.2 attached and another M.2->PCI-E adapter with a M.2 installed...

Plato by Level 8
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