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Need Some advice on video editing pc

Whats up peeps, some of you may remember me if not im diff lol,You guys were a massive help with my last build and i was wondering if you guys could help create me a shopping list fora rendering pc.So the reason i havnt been posting much is becuase a...


hi I have just got a crosshair v formula z motherboard and will the HD7950 work on this because at mo the two fans are spinning but in device manager its only picking up a standard vga card tried installing drivers but its not working any one help pl...

EVGA vs Gigabyte 780

Hey guys,need a quick advice from you.I'm thinking about buying new GPU and just saw an amazing price for EVGA 780 Superclocked ACX which is 200$ cheaper right now and it's performance is similiar to Titan from reviews than normally in my country. On...

noisy by Level 7
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PC build help

I have just bought a ASUS H81M-E motherboard and when I try to start my pc an error appears (The current BIOS settings do not fully support the boot device). This error will not appear when I have my DVD rom plugged in. The Bios is not detecting my W...

ram for Sabertooth Z97?

Ordered a Sabertooth Z97 and an i7-4790 today for a gaming machine. As an after thought I realized it would need some ram so.... since the machine wont be overclocked I suppose 1866 with low latency would be best. Any recommendations?edited to add......

Heini by Level 11
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which would be better

first of all i'm a total noob (firstimer) on DIY computers. sorry for my noobness.im planning to build a pc sometime this year. im not on a tight budget but i want to get the best out of my money.so here it comes:4770k + sabertooth z97 + asus 780ti d...

iamnoob by Level 7
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need help with pc build

ok so this is my first build and im looking for some info on what hardware i should use also with all the new stuff coming out and im going to be overclocking and water cooling too. i have two case's picked out haven't made my mind out on them yet it...

adicc by Level 7
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New M7G build...thoughts please

The system will be used for:Virtual Machines, Coding, Video Editing and of course lots of gaming The m.2 will be the boot OS and the other drives will be raid 1 for data protection at least the 3TB. I may run SSDs in raid 1.Also the processor will be...

What do u think?

Hi together,i want to order a new PC. What do you think about my Config?https://www.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/1919ce220b445a3f23dcc5f3327a8df188091fec47d69848ab9