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Successfull pre o/s boot

happy to report after cpu and ram installation ....everything detected, memtest run with no errors, ram recognized at right frequency. next step install o/s. no errors at all..I got a good M7F

4k monitor/tv

Hey guys recently started ordering parts for my new build i came across tvs that are coming out with display port 1.2 and hdmi 2.0 so in theory they will support 2160p @60hz via dp or hdmi 2.0 so would i achieve better visuals with the tv or a ident...

Water Cooling Fittings

Will this fit? Some say yes some say no.http://www.specialtech.co.uk/spshop/customer/EK-HD-Tube-1012mm-500mm-Rigid-Acrylic-Tubing--2-Pack-pid-18931.htmlhttp://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=WC-168-PM&groupid=962&catid=2800&subcat=2801T...

Hobson by Level 7
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Rampage Gene IV - RAM placement help!

Hello everyone,First time post (: but I'm in a real clash atm.The drawing inmy manual and the channels indicated by it seem off.Now I don't know if I put my RAM in the right slots.I've been trying to fix an issue on my pc ( constant mini freezes when...

New computer

Hi, I'm new here, my name is Giordy, I'm about to transition out of the Army, it hasn't been easy so far. But I'm going to go to college around the January time frame. And I need to get a good computer, hopefully one that can run a few games, doesn't...

Corsair Vengence Pro 2400 wont fit Maximus VII

I am really surprised by this. Just picked up 16g of the red Vengence Pro RAM for my Maximus VII Formula and it doesn't fit!! Does anyone have any recommendations for RAM for me before I take these back for new ones? I was SURE these would fit bu...

memory capatibility

Can't seem to find the memory compatibilty list for the M7F. i ordered corsair vengeance pro red 16 gb 2400 ram. will this be ok for this board

Advice with a build

Hey guys,I want to buy my first PC (after 5 years with my old machine).I will write down the questions and my personal information about the use of the PC in the end of the topic. Case: Fractal Design Define R4 (Titanium, Window)MB: ASUS Maximus VII ...

KPECTOK by Level 7
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780/ti SLI - Maximus VI Hero

Hello, im new to the forums.I have a Maximus VI Hero and I was wondering if i purchased duel 780 or 780 Ti's would it be to much for the motherboard given the space available.