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First Time Build. Going Big! Advice/Thoughts?

Hi folks! Been reading this forums for the past few weeks as I have suddenly gotten the urge to build my first ever PC. My last PC was a Gateway Computer (lol) and the last game I really played hardcore was Everquest. Played that game for a good 8 or...

Best motherboard for the i7-4790k

I'm a bit confused to say the truth. Maximus VII Formula or VI ?? Which one and why of course.. One other thing to consider is the gaming factor. Is there any other combination of mb-cpu except asus atm?? For example 4790k with other mobo.PS. Prefer ...

H105 Wake from Sleep Fans Full Speed

Im using the H105 with an ASUS X99 Deluxe. I have the pump plugged into the CPU_Fan. The 2 Fans for the Radiator are plugged in to the y cable and in to the CPU_OPT. When the computer returns from sleep mode, the radiator fans are running at full bla...

Good GPU for Crosshair V

I want to upgrade my GPUs, and was looking for any recommendations. I have a budget of about $450 per GPU, and I want to get two for Crossfire. I was looking at the R9 290 series. any thought? will they work for my motherboard?

best cpu for gaming/overclocking

Hi everyone,Can someone help me with my choice in cpu please. I'm building a new pc and i want it watercooled. My first choice was the i7-4790K with the maximus formula VII but now with the new Haswell-e cpu's i'm confused. So does anyone know what t...

Very first build, advice welcome :)

Hi all!Next year I'll be going abroad until the beginning of May, and I'm planning on building a beasty machine when I get back.This will be my very first build ever, as I've always had a laptop to do some gaming (and been a console gamer.. :D).The t...

New Asus ROG Build Advice

HiI am soon going to buy parts for my new Gamer PC, and would like some advice if something could be better The parts i will buy: Changed a bit after some good advice Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula VII - WatercooledCPU: Intel i7 4790K - Watercoole...

GGHOOST by Level 7
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Hands-on help required z97 edit PC build (SE London)

A long saga with a cooked processor & mobo lead to what has ended up being a complete rebuild using a Z97Deluxe mobo. It has been nearly 2 months since the initial problems. It is now hugely urgent to get it running, so I need somebody knowledgable a...

Esinem by Level 7
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