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best cpu for gaming/overclocking

Hi everyone,Can someone help me with my choice in cpu please. I'm building a new pc and i want it watercooled. My first choice was the i7-4790K with the maximus formula VII but now with the new Haswell-e cpu's i'm confused. So does anyone know what t...

Very first build, advice welcome :)

Hi all!Next year I'll be going abroad until the beginning of May, and I'm planning on building a beasty machine when I get back.This will be my very first build ever, as I've always had a laptop to do some gaming (and been a console gamer.. :D).The t...

New Asus ROG Build Advice

HiI am soon going to buy parts for my new Gamer PC, and would like some advice if something could be better The parts i will buy: Changed a bit after some good advice Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula VII - WatercooledCPU: Intel i7 4790K - Watercoole...

GGHOOST by Level 7
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Advice Needed on a £1750 Gaming PC build

Advice Needed My budget is £1750 ~ (although I would prefer to reduce the cost of the pc if possible) Within my budget I will need to include peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard and a monitor.The PC will be used primarily for gaming (Star Citizen, ...

At last, time is coming

I have been posting since June getting ideas on building a new PC. My main goal was to build a new PC based around the Asus Swift Monitor. I almost purchased a Devil's Canyon with Rampage IV. The only thing that stopped me was the pci-e lanes on t...

Ambro789 by Level 7
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Is there any tech problems with this build

My concerns are the following: 1.PC Part Picker gave a warning that the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition EATX LGA2011 might need a BIOS update for the Intel Core i7-4930K 3.4GHz 6-Core; is that still really needed? 2. Also, I have been looking for days ...

Rog Swift pb287q Triple Screen Setup

Hey guys looking for the tech gods advice haha looking to run three of the new rog swift 1440p monitors @ 140fps each monitor with a 3 way sli gpu setup i am aware that the monitors only have display port 1.2 so in theory could i run 3 gpu,s one to e...

Rampage V Extreme advice

Hello, I am currently looking at upgrading from my P6T Deluxe and Core i7 960 CPU to a new Haswell-E machine. One of the things I am looking at is to water cool the machine, this will include GPU cooling as well. My problem is trying to figure o...

MikeRM2 by Level 7
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