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Best Liquid Cooling Kit for ROG Rig

Today I broke down and purchased new ROG components to build a new gaming rig. My last build was in 2006 or 2007 and it consisted of the following:Case: CoolerMaster Cosmos 1Power Supply: Powemax 1000WMOBO: Asus P5N DeluxeCPU: Intel Q6700 (no o.c.)R...

Hey Guys I got a question about my specs!

I just want to know if I can get at least two of my cards to run @ 16x or is it because 3 way is 16x - 8x - 8x for this motherboard?:Thanks!Processor: AMD FX-8 9370 @ 4.4GhzMotherboard: Asus Crosshair V Formula ZRAM: 16GB Kingston & G.Skill ComboGPU:...

Greetings From South Africa

Hey everyone, Happy to finally be joining this Forum. Wanted to know what you all though of the Build I'm about to undertake. if you can see a mistake or to change something out for something better please do let me know. Asus Maximum Vii GeneAsus R9...

Water Cooling Advice

Hello,I am thinking to buy water cooling for my CPU. I use i7 4790K and yesterday i used NOCTUA thermal paste but i dont know the temperature is between 45-50 celcius. Also i didnt buy any cooler for it. using it with stock fan. My pc components:CPU:...

Recommendations ?

Where to go from here ? My question is i have a asus crosshaire v formula z. with AMD 8370 . 16 gig RAM Kingstong hypher X 1600Samsung evo 840 SSD want more speed OUT of what i have any have any ideas ? to speed up what i have with out replacing ...

Advice on this build

Hi all,I'm trying to build a new gaming PC, and would really appreciate any feedback or comments in regards of my build!Intel i7-4930k 3.4GhzAsus Rampage IV Extreme (Black Edition)32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133mhzEVGA 1000w Platinum Certified P...

Pkhong by Level 7
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cooler master 212 evo vs original v8 on fx-8350

I am replacing an old mb and cpu with an asus sabertooth fx990 r2.0 and fx 8350, but am stuck on the cpu cooler, I have a new in box cooler master v8, not the newer version, and am wondering will this 180 watt cooler suffice for this non over cloc...

970 X2 sli won't display on Samsung u8550

I recently built a new pc and after I had trouble with my asus motherboard, I finally got it up and running, I I tried to display it on my Samsung 65uhd8550. I repeatedly get no signal. I even tried to display it together with my Sony x br 6 1080 p...

Jiannu by Level 7
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Advice on this build?

So, I'm thinking about saving up and going all out on a PC. I am not very experienced in building PCs, as this is my first actual build. My goal is to build a PC that will have a decent lifetime before CPU and mobo upgrades are required. So this bri...

Qiven by Level 7
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