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would like opinions on my first gamer build

case and cooling cm storm stryker 4 120mm intake 1500rpm +/- 15% 3 140mm exhaust 1200rpm +/- 10%the guts psu corsair ax series 860w 80platinum mobo asus sabertooth z97 mark 1 cpu intel core i7 4771 quad core w/raijintek t...

Looking for advice on Liquid Cooling for new build.

I've just completed a build replacing my previous personal one. I currently have a Kraken x61 in place and it seems to do the job nicely, however I'm looking to put more into a full LCS, primarily for the CPU. Not sure as to whether a Vapor X cooling...

Can't settle on a monitor..please help!

Hi Everyone. I've been researching monitors and trying to figure out which is best for me. I don't know a lot about the different types of display (TN, LCD/LED, IPS) and that's what is making this decision hard for me. I'm not what you would call an ...

RIVE DRAM upgrade

I would like to hear some experience based suggestions for dram upgrade.I have RIVE with 3930K working stable @4.4Ghz with 1066MHz DDRs and I would like to push it a little but farther to 4.7GHz.I know about X79 pickyness so my question is which RAM ...

sigtrm by Level 7
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1400€ PC Build Help! :)

Hello:)I'm quite new to the forum and would like to ask this amazing community for a little help on building my first gaming/ editing and streaming PC.I have seen so many RoG themed ones on Google and around here and they look awesome!What I would n...

RMXM by Level 7
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First Gaming build Please let me know if all is good

Here is the Specs of my first gaming build. Please note that i plan on changing out my drives for better ones but ATM his is what i had the budget for. I guess i am just looking for what to do next?(other then drives and ssds).Operating System Window...


Fan advice

I recently installed a fan controller to my build and now I want to upgrade the original NZXT Switch 810 case fans and get some new quieter fans.I would like some advice, if any, on what fans you would recommend that are pretty quiet and how do the C...

Asasen5 by Level 7
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First Build - Critique

Hi all,As this is my first forum post, I don't know if it is in the right place on the forums.So this past summer I built a gaming rig, mainly because the desktop I had at the time wouldn't cut it. I used the following (I was on a $1000 budget):Maxim...

New laptop

HI, im new to this forum. Im looking for a new laptop and i dislike Alienware with a passion. Right now i have the Asus-17.3" Laptop-8GB memory- 1TB Hard Drive- Black-G75VX-BHI7N11. Im looking for somehting with more power to the graphics card.Cost ...

ultimate upgrade help

Hi guys i'm new here, and i have recently decided to upgrade and build my own computer, i bought an awesome set up, and got to work. this is my first time ever really getting into the guts of a computer much less building one from scratch, and i hav...

boschman by Level 7
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