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Internal Wireless Card.

im wanting to get a wireless internal card for the internet since I live in an apartment and cannot hook up via LAN. I have always used USB adapters so I need to know if my motherboard will be able to use an internal card. I don't know what to look f...

Need advice on new build

Recommendations on motherboard, ram, and cpu, getting a titan x. I can't figure out the best motherboard and cpu combo I need. Cpu and video will be water cooled, will overclock cpu. have 3000 to spend. My mind is a blank after looking over all the m...

tempco by Level 7
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Before and After the Build

I'm about to start my first build since my previous Abit IP35 Pro build many eons ago. In a few days my new Asus Max VII Hero, I7-4790k, and 16gb of ram will arrive. I'm not so much worried about the build process as I am the state of my current OS s...

Khugan by Level 7
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Graphics Card Comparison help.

I found 3 GPUs that seem to be cheaper than my currently chosen one for my build, and i want to confirm if they truly are.Original: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150705&cm_re=xfx_r9_280-_-14-150-705-_-Product1st New: http:/...

What to do with the SSD?

Im getting an SSD for my new build, and i need to know what to put on it. Some people said put the OS on it, but my uncle says that it would ware out the drive quickly. But even if i put the OS on it, i will still have quite a bit of room (120GB SSD ...

Need advice on build

Hi there, I am new to this forum. Trying to build a new pc. So far I have the following but not sure what video card to choose. Intel i5 4960K 3.5ghzG.SKILL Trident X Series 32GBAsus z97-ar motherboard3x ASUS VG248QE 144hzcorsair CX600 psuI want ...

An watercooled BitCoin miner (with ROG included)

Hi! to all! well, this is my brand new project, something totally different for me and for the forums, so... i can start now the explain about this brand new project:This days, talking with my uncle, about things of the bitcoin, and things like that,...