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Asus z170 pro gaming + sata express

Sorry for the noob question but I was unable to find any definitive answer on this.I have a Asus z170 pro gaming mobo using a Samsung nvme 256mb SSD in the m.2 socket. If I connect a HD/SSD to the sata express ports on the motherboard, will that take...

petrol by Level 7
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Integrated vs. Dedicated Sound

I have recently upgraded my computer to an i7 6700k and a Asus Deluxe Z170 Motherboard. I have an Asus Xonar DGX sound card from my old build and was wondering if the integrated sound on my new motherboard would be better than my dedicated sound card...

Needs advice on my next upgrade... Mainly my gfx

About to order another psu, set of ram, and either another card in CF or another card in general.PSU - Corsair AX850RAM - G.Skill Trident X 16GB(2*8GB) @ 2133 w/ 9/11/11/11/34GFX - ASUS R7 370 4GB Only going in on the psu for higher stability OC with...

In the market for a new SSD or HDD any advice ?

Hello members, it has been a while hope you are all doing well I'm currently in the market for a new SSD or HDD or SSD/HDD Hybird Just under 3 years old System Spec are as follows- Primary Drive- SanDisk SSD 256Gb (This is the guy in question I ...

SammeyC by Level 7
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Will GFX card fit in my PC case

Hello all,I have been the proud and very pleased with owner of an ASUS CG8580 PC for a few years now.Performance wise, the PC works just fine, but the GFX card is showing it's age.It is nVidia GeForce GTX 680 model which is 25cm in lengthI am interes...