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ROG Ryujin 360 - Oled screen not working

Hello,I just installed the Rog Ryujin 360, I already have a lot of Rog software. My Armoury Crate saw the device immediately, downloaded the software for it and allows me to configure stuff (well select stuff). Aura works for the diagonal line on the...

Crasje by Level 12
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Problems with Unreal Engine 4

Hello,I have a Strix 1080ti and every game that i try to play with unreal engine 4 my games keeps crashing/freezing !!I can play Lost Ark(unreal engine 3) but i cant play the cycle: frontier (unreal engine 4).Sometimes it gives unreal engine error sc...

redbond by Level 7
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Advice on Drivers and Display

Hello! I'm a total noob and just built my first rig.However so far sometimes my display will turn black (but it's still on, sometimes I can hear the Screen running). And my Mobo will shoot me a "02" errorTo fix this I have to shut it all down and cut...

CPU Package power exceeding PPT

This has happened to me twice already, PPT is set to 142W according to ryzen master but package power goes up over 200W and then CPU starts to throttle without overheating. And the only way to get back to normal is a hard restart. Also, PC has not be...

Marty_Z by Level 7
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Possible diode leak?

Hey all. Recently put together a new build using the ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-A motherboard.While installing the CPU and cooler, I noticed what looked like a possible leak from one of the board components to the top left of the CPU socket.Does this look ...

Rythmer by Level 7
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Z690-F does not post properly with QVL stick

Hi!I have a Z690-F, Intel 12900k and a stick of 32GB Crucial RAM that is on the QVL list.Now, I have had a problem ever since I bought this stuff. When I start my computer it won't post. The DIMM LED on the MB lights orange for a long time, then goes...