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Looking to choose between these two keyboards.

Hey everyone :)! I've just finished my first PC build around 2 months ago, and I've been looking to get the first set of upgrades.The first thing I thought I'd get was a new keyboard. The dedicated graphics card is still some months away (I'm waiting...

New i7 6700K Build

Will be building a new system and am looking for a bit of advice on some parts , I have ordered the i7 6700K from NCIX which is currently on backorder which gives me some time to research the other parts I need. I started planning on the upgrade a f...

New build pros/cons Z97 vs z170?

Hi all! Been looking into my options for a new build. Have a budget between $800- $900. However i already have a tower, video card and power supply for the new rig. So i have my whole budget for a mobo, Ram, SSD and CPU. I've been doing al...

Crosshair V Formula upgrades

Ok I am running the Crosshair V Formula boardAMD 8120 cpuNvidia 460 GTX vid card16 gigs of ddr3 Ripjaw x 1600AMD Radeon SSDI am getting ready to order a FX 8370 cpu OK so I want to upgrade my video card to a XFX AMD R9 ( 290X ) vid cardThe problem is...

amd4me by Level 7
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Need Videocard recommendation

I sold my MSI GeForce N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC videocard and plan to replace it with a new GeForce card.What would be the cheapest videocard that outperforms this card today? Thanks

perseid by Level 7
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New HardDrive Complications!

Hey all,I recently got 2 SSHD's at 4TB and I ran into some interesting choices and I'm wondering if they matter.My original setup was 1 2TB HDD for storage, 1 4TB HHD for gaming and a 256GB SSD for OS.When the 2TB went bad I dumped the informatoin in...

Veovis by Level 10
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wiring 3 pwm fans

I am just wondering how to go about hard wiring 3 fans on a radiator and solder the wires together "as one unit" so I dont need a second connector to connect them. Do I connect all red and black together to a molex or sata connection then all blue p...

drop4205 by Level 12
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I Need Custom Loop Cooling Advice Please

Here's my planned build, my problem is, I'm new to custom loops that go beyond monoblocks and CPU coolers, So I need some help. In Bold near the bottom is my current plan for parts for my W/C Custom Loop, but I dunno if that'll work 100% so I come he...