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Hyper X Cloud II or Logitech G633

So I'm pretty confused as to which one should I get, note that I have an Asus Rog g750jm, that I believe has a great sound card.. With that said, which one should I get to get a full sound experience? Thanks!

Sonsho by Level 7
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High airflow or static pressure fans

Hello, i have phanteks evolv atx case, and currently it has 3 fans installed (front 2 PH-F140SP fans) and back 1 PH-F140SP fan. I was thinking adding 2 fans on top radiator. Should i go with airflow or same static pressure fans as are installed now?...

Help, please and thank you??

so im building a new pc and was looking to see if any of you guys could suggest/help me out, im trying to find parts the would be best for my computerhttp://pcpartpicker.com/p/tNbpjXthats what i have built so far and was looking for someone as i said...

My PC won't start anymore :(

Hello everybodyI have a problem that never happened to me.Yesterday my PC worked fine, I shut it down, gone to sleep...Today after work, I push the power button.... nothing happen, I pushed it several time, nothing.I look at my MoBo, I see the leds o...

dorianbz by Level 7
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Recommendation for M.2 SSDs an DDR4 rams

So I'm intending on buying an Asus G752VL and I noticed that I can upgrade my RAM and SSD. Because I am a total scrub when it comes to computers, I need some advice/recommendations for what kind of RAM cards and SSDs should I use for this laptop.At t...

U.2 Connection for Maximus VIII Impact

My new build is almost complete. I've got a Intel 750 coming in a couple of days. Connection to the motherboard is pretty obvious, however, connecting the other end to the 750 not so much. Do you have to use a SATA power connector or is the power ...

DWL by Level 7
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ASUS Rampage V Extreme successor (LGA-2011-v3)

Hi, all!I'm wondering, with Intel about to release a new slew of processors for the LGA-2011-v3 socket (Broadwell-E and the 6950X/6900K are expected to hit next week), who the successor is to the Rampage V Extreme motherboard. I've owned an R2E, R4E...

Need help/2 950 Pro NVMe in RAID 0/Asus Z170-A

Hi, after some struggling I was able to clone (using Samsung Cloning Tool) my original Windows 8.1x64 from a Samsung 830 SSD to the Samsung 950 Pro in the Z170-A onboard M.2 slot and boot Windows 8.1x64 from it.Then I added a 2nd 950Pro mounted on a ...

perseid by Level 7
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Buying an M2 SSD which one to get 951 or 950 pro

Hello I decided to get one of those fast NVMe drives for my new skylake build. I am using an Maximus VIII ranger motherboard which fully supports tose drives. Samsung currently offers the best drive cosidering their prices and speeds. I decided for a...

Ajinta by Level 7
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