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Best for sli gaming

Hi everyone, I have done a lot of searching , across many forums and utube videos , I want ask what is the best cpu for gaming with two gtx 1080 gpus, I have a rog pg348q monitor and want to max out games , my friend has a 6700k at 4.7 and two 1080 f...

clvig by Level 7
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Where is the HAL in PC and Maximus Viii install disk

I have been trying to migrate Windows from on old MB to a current Maximus VIII Ranger. Then upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 to Win 8.1, and then finally to Win 10. Necessary to get settings and apps from 7 to 10.It has been a long ugly process. I finally...

Saving for an upgrade

Hey guys,I'm looking to upgrade my gaming rig, I currently have my games storeBlack d on a WD drive (I know not the fastest option) and want to get an SSD to store my games on instead.I was looking at the Samsung 850 EVO, doesn't look too terribly ex...

JakeT by Level 7
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Review: ASUS GTX950 Unplugged for low power PCs

ASUS sent me its new GTX950 Unplugged for some testing and this is my experience. Feel free to ask questions!Look Ma! No wires!OverviewThis is an entry level graphics card for buyers who are budget conscious, constrained by a PC with limited upgradab...

58362 58363 58364 58365
xeromist by Moderator
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Noob question about PCIe lanes

If I put my GPU1 in X8/16 (top) and GPU2 x8 (3rd slot) on R5E10, will it be counted as 16 lanes (8x2) or 24 lanes (16+8)? I have a 6800K which only has 28 lanes.

iujona by Level 7
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Rampage V edition 10 and Samsung 950 pro

Morning, I am looking to clarify something. In the manual for the rampage v edition 10 it states if running a single via you should use PCIEX16/X8-1. What I'm wondering is would there be any conflicts/bottleneck with the Samsung 950 PRO ssd or Nvidia...

ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops

Always when I plan to look some gaming laptops one fact pull me back...i7-mobile Skylake is not as i7-6700KGTX980M is not as GTX980, it's closer to GTX780 And that things always stop me to look further... Because i7 mobile is similar as i5 desktop.No...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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2x4gb gtx 960, gtx 1070 or nothing...?

My build:MB: Asus z170 pro gaming ( first time not using a rog mb btw due to low budget at the time...it hasnt let me down though )CPU: intel core i5 6600k (Overclocked to 4.5 GHh)Ram: 2x(G.Skill Ripjaws4 4GB DDR4-3200MHz)GPU: Gtx 960 4gbPSU: Corsair...

Rampage V Extreme compatible front USB3 bay

Hello,On Rampage v Extreme specs I found it has "20-1pin USB connector". In the image it has 19 pin.See page 1-37 http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA2011/Rampage_V_Extreme/E9550_rampage_v_extreme_ug_WEB.pdf?_ga=1.84857371.365674982.1467824484I ca...