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X99 beyond Broadwell-E?

Writing this after seeing Menthol's Kaby Lake @ 5.0GHZ and above, Yes it does thread and googling up everything I could find about future Intel processor/chipset roadmaps.Menthol's Kaby Lake i7-7700K appears to spec 4C, 4.2GHz, 8MB L3, dual-channel D...

Korth by Level 14
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PC wake up and sudden reboot

Windows 10 (home 64 bit)i7-6700k (stock) - Heat Sink: Cooler Master EVO 212RAM: 32 GB (G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 2400 C15 2x16GB)MoBo: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA (Latest BIOS 2202)GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+ (04G-P4-3975-KR) ...

faridc by Level 7
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Moving on from the 3930k

Hi all,I've been running a Formula IV and 3930k (@4g) setup for the last four years and I've always been happy with it although the time to move to a faster machine is here.I'm a photographer so crunching bits and the time it takes is important to me...

Black screen after reboot

Hello all! To start of I am not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post in, please move the thread if I am in the wrong place.I have been running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition since the release of it, and has been working fine. Two days ...

suom1 by Level 7
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formatting troubles.

i recently built a new computer, installed win 7. I wanted to have a second ssd w/ win 10 on it. I had 2 spare ones laying around so I tried to format one. It quit mid format and said it couldn't format the disk. Then I think it killed the disk becau...

G20cb-b21 vs g20cb-db71

Can someone tell me the difference between these models. I have seen the b21 on best buy, it seems to have exactly the same spec but is cheaper. Is the b21 a best buy specific model with the same spec, or is it dubbed down in some way compared to wha...

5939K after upgrading hotter?!!

haay, i have the 5930K.GTX1080 all watercooling, and after upgrading my pump reservoir i got high temps, From EK-DCP 4.0 PWM X-RES to XSPC D5 Photon 270 Reservoir/Pump Combo/D5 i got Higher temps. i buy things for total 1000 euros, for fixxing the p...

Rampage IV formula - what this means?

Hello! My computer is having an odd behavior when I try to power it up. It doesn't start up at all, it doesn't make a sound. Only start, reset and clr cmos buttons are blinking. All at the same time like once in a two seconds or so. And the debug le...

Piste by Level 7
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How does this benchmark look with these specs?

Hey guys, I just got this refurbished computer and I'm worried about it's performance. I'm a bit of a newb here, so I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how these numbers look?Here are the specs: ROG Asus G752VYWindows 10Core I-7 6700HK...