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RGB LED strips - looking for recommendation

I have not connected any RGB LED strips in my case and may want to give it a shot. I have the RVE10 MoBo and want to know if anyone has any recommendations for LED strips (brands or models) that you know will definitely work with this motherboard. ...

M.2 Raid 0 Advice

Hey guys. I have 2 questions.1) I currently run 1 m.2 Samsung 960 pro drive and for some reason when I enable x4 mode, it works but then when I go back into bios, it defaults back to x2. Repeat process enable x4. Go back into bios and x2 is enabled. ...

Probably broke something

I just delidded my 7700k on my MIXH and changed out the fluid while I was at it. When I turned it on it was only on for 10-15 seconds then shut off and won't respond to the power button. I hooked the psu up to an old motherboard outside of the case...

Asus b85 plus

All intel management engine firmware has a remote execution bug which allows for easy remote hacking without the user or OS ever being aware of it.new firmwares anounced:- First-gen Core family: Second-gen Core family: Third...

G750 15mm HDD compatibility

I have a G750JY with a 2TB HDD & 500MB SSD but I still seem to be running out of space. To upgrade to anything beyond a 2TB HDD would increase physical size of the drive and I want to know if itll fit before I go out and buy one.

HELP! PSU dont start after installing video card

I have: PSU - OCZ Fatal1ty 750 WMB - ASUS Maximus IX FormulaCPU - I7 7700kVC - ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 8G GamingThe test before mounting the video card is ok:After installing the video card, the system does not start. The source does not star...

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vladvel by Level 7
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G751jy motherboard / dc board compatibility

I may have a faulty dc board on my G751jy. At any rate, power has become more and more sporadic - first flickering when the GPU was particularly active, then not drawing power when there's a graphics intensive application in the foreground, and now n...

Omni-Core Build, need help.

Hello, I require some assistance with a build for a PC I will make this year, sooner or later. The purpose of this build is pure overkill for games of the next few years and have enough storage for said games that I don't need to make room for awhile...

Looking for cooling advise.

Hello Hello,I'm getting ready to order parts for a new machine https://pcpartpicker.com/user/bobbagels/saved/yqpmGXBut wanted to ask a very general question How much maintenance is a custom loop really?I have never done a custom loop, always used AI...

Rampage V Edition 10 and Samsung 960 Pro M.2

Hi,after a weekend of a very successful build together with a friend (thanks a lot to the Pros posting How-Tos on this Forum - helped IMMENSELY !!) I would have a follow-up question regarding the recognition of a Samsung 960 Pro M.2 card on a Rampag...

Woelund by Level 7
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