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Asus Crosshair VI - 32 GB (2x16) Memory Recommendation

Hi,So i plan a build with :Ryzen 1700xAsus Crosshair VI I want 32GB o RAM. I was thinking of getting 2 X 16GB and have the option to upgrade to 64GB in the future. Unfortunately, looking at the QVL (3.16.2017) there are only 3 kits supported (1 at 24...

Yupy94 by Level 7
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Advice needed on reducing CPU voltage (Z270F)

tl;dr I've got no idea how to reduce the CPU voltage (I'm using Auto atm), so I need advice.Motherboard: Strix Z270F Bios 0801CPU: 7700kRAM: 2x 8Gb G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200 15-15-15-35Ai Tweaker settings:Ai Overclock Tuner: ManualBCLK Frequency: 1...

My new dream build could use some tips/help

HiFirst hopefully i am in the right place if not then i am sorry.Ok so i finally managed to get me pc i allways wanted. I bought it from local store (well gave them list of things i want and told them get me that).I didn't want to put it all together...

Boon_Ek by Level 7
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CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z won't POST after Win10 Standby?

Hi all,So built this PC back in Jan 2017, left it running the other day, came back after a few hours and it was shutdown. Assumed Win10 standby mode. Since then cannot get the thing to POST. Have now stripped it back to just CPU, Heatsink, 1 DIMM a...

New Member; First build. Tips appreciated.

Hey Everybody My names Cole,Looking to build a computer for gaming/Photoshop drawing/video editing.Here is a list of the parts ive scoped out and am intrested in.. i would appreciate tips and ideas of better builds/componentsThe sites im currently u...

Colejc by Level 7
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Asus ROG Strix 270e Motherboard

Hi, I have just insatalled the above board and all is well except the Chassis fan header 1. I have checked in the bios and it shows fan running, but the fan onlyruns for a brief moment when booting up and then stops when windows loads.Fan expert ...

dig69 by Level 7
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DDR4 4333mhz now available... for $630.

I recall G.Skills announcement for 4333mhz kits, but never saw a price tag and I haven't seen them up for sale. I did notice Corsair has bdie and...e-die??? kits now for sale at $599 (2x4) and $624 (2x8) respectively. I haven't seen any results, I wo...

Q-Code e4. How to fix it?

Hi everyone, I have bought a Crosshair hero VI, and I have been having some problems at the boot.My machine is:MB: Asus Crosshair Hero VICPU: Ryzen 7 1800RAM: Kingston hyperx black (2x8Gb)GPU: Gigabyte R9 290xPSU: Tacens 1000W 80gold I have also a cu...