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Hey guys i have recieved this board from a friend of mine since im collecting these old machinesnow the problem i have is the onboard *dual marvel nics is not even being detected , the moment you gove power to the board the orange led on one of the n...

Asus Crosshair VI Hero Fan Setup - Need Advice

Hello, I am building a new Ryzen system with 7 pwm case fans, a 3-pin 40mm fan, and a D5 pump. The 40mm fan mounted on a 3d printed fan mount for the m.2 drive. 6 x Corsair ML120 Pro fans, 3 each on dual 360mm rads, and a Corsair ML140 Pro on the bac...

Feldon by Level 7
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4 gb of RAM instead of 8

Hello there... Well, as you can see from the title, i have a problem with the memory of my pc. I have a Hero 7 MB and 8gb ram (2X4). Yersterday, i tried to clean the fans of the cpu and i had to take off the two sticks of memory. Then, i installed th...

M.2 Config installation

HI all,I just have this quick question regarding the M.2 on the Z270 Asus Formula 9 . At the moment I have m.2_1 as a boot drive running in SATA mode. I am looking at getting the second M.2 to install on M.2_2.My questions is am I able to run both ...

Feedback on PC build

Hi Everyone! A little bit of background: This is my first build, but I have a decent amount of experience with computers and electronics in general. I'll be using this equally for gaming and school. I'm studying mechanical engineering/comp sci, so lo...

cmoxie by Level 7
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X299 vs Z270 for Gaming

Hi,I'm currently planning to upgrade my system to a 1080Ti and new CPU+Mobo (RAM etc) and my question is if I want to be able to reach maximum performance for the next 2-3 years without my CPU becoming a bottleneck, will I manage with an 7700K or sho...

NE0XY by Level 9
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Displayport cables - question for those who use them

I bought new Displayport cables for my two new monitors, bought them online from Amazon. Both of them are Startech, one 6-foot and one 10-foot because I actually needed about 7 feet instead of 6 for proper cable management on the one monitor.https:/...

Help with RAM issues

Hi, recently upgraded my MB, CPU and RAM. When I go into BIOS it says the RAM is 2133mhz, but it should be 2400mhz?Asus ROG crosshair hero 6Ryzen 1700xCorsair 16GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz RAM/Memory Kit 4x 4GBAny ideas?

Medic01 by Level 7
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g-sync: is it worth it?

I'm using an ASUS MG279Q free-sync monitor (1440p@144hz) with a Titan Xp card and all is working well for me. It seems that there's plenty of problems with getting g-sync to work in different games and configurations so why should I consider buying ...

Heini by Level 11
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